What Freedom of Speech?

A common refrain from conservatives these days is that, ‘freedom of speech is under fire’. Well I believe our first amendment right is further gone than that. It is not just under fire, but for most Americans, it no longer exists! Whether it can ever be reinstituted as the foundation of our liberty, may be the most critical issue facing America in the next election.

As far as free speech has existed under our Constitution, the first amendment has already been successfully repealed by bureaucratic fiat. All government – federal, state, and local – has already banned free speech from their employees. They have also banned free speech from anyone who does business with the government, as well as all those who receive any government funding. All of our schools, including the teachers, students, and parents, have had their first amendment rights rescinded.

Our universities, which were historically bastions of free speech, have put in place speech codes that older Americans recognize as the first cold chill of fascism. There is scarcely a university president left in America who has the guts to speak the truth about anything, or even publicly support common sense. The students – I mean the left-wing radicals, and their mindless followers – are now running our institutions of higher learning.

The last vestiges of free speech exist in the silent world of heartland America. These are the people who are now supporting Donald Trump. Most, I suspect, are like me. They can’t quite put their finger on the reason they support Trump. He is everything that most of us dislike, and he is not even a real conservative. Yet there is something very appealing in his candidacy.

The media is openly frustrated that they have not been able to destroy him. Establishment politicians are practically insane with rage that their faithful voters have spurned them, and are giving their hearts to a hussy like Trump. Psychiatrists and college professors are smugly explaining the subliminal reasons redneck Republicans are allowing themselves to be taken in by another right-wing radical.

They simply don’t understand how satisfying it is to see someone finally give liberals a taste of their own medicine. They now claim that Trump made up his own crime statistics. Not only did he make up the statistics, but he showed his true racism by pointing out that African Americans are killing each other at a hugely disproportionate rate.

Liberals invented the political lie, and they practice it on a daily basis. They might not lie to steal your money or do physical harm, but to obtain their own righteous political goals, they simply believe it is an acceptable path to winning. Nothing! Absolutely nothing can be trusted that comes out of the mouth of a liberal politician or journalist – from the President on down. To hear the greatest liars in America complain that someone else is lying, only gives conservatives a much needed belly-laugh.

Well, I have my own thought on the puzzling Trump support, and I think it’s at least as reasonable as all the expert theories that have been proven to be chronically wrong for decades: Heartland Americans instinctively understand that the free speech critical to liberty is vanishing, and Donald Trump is free-speeching his way across the nation. Neither the media elites, establishment politicians, nor supercilious intellectuals, have been able to shut him up. He is free speech personified.

Freedom of speech is so critical that it should have been included in the Constitution’s Preamble, rather than as an amendment. There is no freedom of religion, the press, or anything else without freedom of speech. Liberals understand this, and have been working for years to conquer America by restricting free speech. The political correctness they worship, is nothing less than the abolition of free speech.

Hopefully the rest of America is realizing before it’s too late, that free speech is the greatest of all rights. Freedom of speech is an absolute. There is no middle ground between free speech and tyranny.

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