Packing the Court

Now the Democrats want to increase the number of supreme court justices. You have to wonder why? According to the left, there is a conservative majority thanks to President Trump stacking the court with strict constructionists, and Democrats need to level the field by appointing three to five liberals.

Yet the rulings on major issues like abortion, marriage, immigration, elections, and gender, all favor the Democrats. The rulings that favor conservatives are usually on issues that annoy liberals – like religion – but do little to halt their leftward march. Though religious freedom is a first amendment right very clearly defined, the court rulings are so vague that they settle very little except the particular case at issue. Meanwhile, implied rights like abortion and marriage, which are nowhere to be found in the Constitution, are defined explicitly and mandated for all Americans.

Only in its small numbers are the members the Supreme Court any different from the Senators or Congressmen. Once ensconced in the Washington scene, they fall under all the political and social pressures of a bureaucratized city that is on the far left of the political spectrum. Everything in the Capital revolves around liberal politics, and if you are not a member of the Washington establishment, ostracism comes in a dozen different forms.

Clearly, the true anti-establishment types like Donald Trump are openly detested. Nothing they could do or say short of admitting publicly they were wrong on everything and switching parties, would get them a kind word from the ruling elites in Washington.

However, it is OK to exist as a conservative in Washington as long as you don’t take it too seriously, and follow the ‘swamp’ rules. Number one rule for the past five years: if you side with Donald Trump on anything, you must precede your defense by saying you deplore his outrageous style and especially his embarrassing tweets. By following this one simple rule, you can be the authentic conservative at social events, and generally save yourself from vicious personal attacks by the snarling pit bulls of the left.

The other quality necessary for a conservative in the swamp is a willingness to compromise right- wing values for the sake of getting a bill passed. Liberals on the other hand are not expected to ever compromise their left-wing agenda. Democrats are never accused by the media of ‘refusing to work across the aisle’, while Republicans live in mortal fear of being charged with ‘racism’ for refusing to give in to liberal demands.

Despite the vicious personal attacks by left-wing radicals, Democrats know that conservatives are actually sensitive and compassionate human beings, just like they claim to be. They understand that personal attacks, charges of racism, and threats of violence have a direct effect on the actions of the average person. Even Supreme Court justices with a lifetime appointment are not immune to the perennial intimidation coming from left-wing politicos and the media.

If you are often puzzled by the rulings of the ‘strict constructionists’ on the court, look no farther than social ostracism in the Capital, and personal and physical intimidation on a continuous basis from the politicians and media. Very few have the strength of character to withstand the constant assault, so we remain vey thankful for the few Clarence Thomas’, and Antonin Scalias’ who are able to stand up to the howling chorus of the left.

Don’t get your hopes up that the supposed conservative majority in the Court will check the leftward march of Biden. They have already proven they are capable of abstract Constitutional reasoning in refusing to deal with something as compelling as presidential elections. One need not believe the past election was stolen in order to recognize that a uniform system of voting for President should be mandated and consistently enforced in all states.

Reasonable people might disagree over whether states alone should decide how their congressional representatives are elected. However, the election of president, which has direct control over all fifty states should definitely come under a federally mandated process. The court has already had several opportunities to review the electoral process, and passed each time. So, we must dismiss the high hopes we once had, and face the reality that the Court will be no friend to conservatives during the reign of Biden.

P.S. Not exactly a silver lining to the court packing debate, but it does remain highly unlikely Democrats will succeed. Unless they are able to change the rules of the Senate, it will take sixty votes to increase the court. They would need ten Republican votes, and even Rino Romney would likely shy away from such a radical action.

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