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There seems to be unanimity among both the liberal and conservative media, that Donald Trump is on a path to destroy our constitutional republic. While he has been portrayed from the beginning as the Antichrist by the left, he has also been sniped at continuously for five years by conservative publications, and eventually openly demonized as he lost the power of the presidency.

As a subscriber to the Washington Examiner, and National Review, as well as a former reader of The Weekly Standard, I can say first hand that each of these conservative publications had a significant role in ensuring that we have Joseph Biden as president. No doubt they are all proud of having consistently exposed a crude person like Donald Trump posing as a conservative. I mean they all knew a true defender of right-wing values would never trash their favorite establishment conservatives like Rubio, Kasich, and Bush, and in any event, there is no way he should have belittled them personally on a lowlife forum like Twitter.

The recent ouster of Liz Cheney as the Minority Conference Chair provides yet another opportunity to blame Trump for the bewildered state of the Republican Party. Cheney was replaced by Elise Stefanik because she could not control her Trump Derangement Syndrome. While we are very aware of TDS among Democrats, ‘never Trumpers’, and the full range of ‘swamp’ dwellers, it is often overlooked in establishment types identifying as conservatives.

The new transient darling of liberals, Cheney is currently the most highly visible conservative to demonize Trump. However, right wing publications have been doing it since Trump first came on the presidential scene. While President, they were often forced to acknowledge his accomplishments, but made sure through constant virtue signaling that they did not approve of Trump himself, but only of the policies he implemented.

With Trump out of the presidency they have leaped from the closet and joined the legion of Washington establishment types who seem to glory in their TDS infirmity. You can easily read the glee in their words as they blame Trump for the Capitol incursion, the loss of Georgia senate seats, and the general dysfunction in the Republican Party.

Meanwhile elected Republicans still can’t keep from tripping over their own feet. Starting with the looney Trump impeachment, congressional Republicans seem determined to remain in the comfortable position of minority party. In the latest shot in the foot, thirty-six faux Republicans joined with all Democrats to form a commission to study the Capitol “insurrection”.

In other words, the inquisition of Donald Trump continues to march forward. No need to go through all the formalities and wasted time of a formal inquiry, the final report of the ‘bi-partisan’ commission can be written right now. DONALD TRUMP RESPONSIBLE FOR CAPITOL INSURRECTION.

It seems a sad fact of life that Republicans prefer to be the opposition rather than the ones who direct the nation. What makes so many Republicans uncomfortable with Trump is not only that he actually wants to be in charge, but that he can take all the verbal and written abuse of the liberals… But, that’s not all! He can also dish it out!

Liberals always treat Republicans as punching bags, and are not used to being counter-punched. After absorbing a thorough personal drubbing, Republicans then excuse their weak-kneed approach to political battles by fighting according to the Marquis of Queensbury Rules. Then while the pathetic politicians are attempting to cross the congressional aisle of harmony, leftists are slicing them to pieces with switch blade knives.

Unlike the Empire State wimps of today, Trump is an old-style New Yorker who – to paraphrase another former president – ‘pulls out a gun when they pull out a knife’. By and large, Republican politicians are too squeamish to enter a brawl with Democrats and always resort to debating the actual issue at hand, which leftists always refuse to address.

Once the Democrats finish with personal attacks, they quickly turn to the next issue without a visible scratch, while Republicans are left talking to a blank wall. Trump, to the quivering losers constant dismay, never allows a slight to go unanswered, and inevitably returns far more blows than he ever receives. Many of the lame Republicans dislike Trump’s style of direct confrontation because it makes them feel like political cowards, while Democrats fear him every bit as much as they hate him.

Where do conservatives go from here? Do we just keep feeding the Republican National Committee so we can keep electing the same weak politicians who live off political expediency? Abandoning the Republican Party amounts to surrendering everything to the Democrats, so that is not a viable option for returning sanity to American politics.

The hope we have is that the states themselves will take the lead in fighting the Washington Establishment. Florida and Texas are leading the way, but both are being inundated by people fleeing the super liberal northeastern and western states. Unfortunately, most are bringing their political allegiance with them, and we see once solidly conservative Florida and Texas becoming toss up states in many elections.

Hopefully these new residents will eventually ‘see the light’, and keep Florida and Texas from becoming just another New York and California. On the positive side, many other states are starting to assert their tenth amendment rights, and in the end individual states revolting against Washington autocracy may be the only chance for reversing the leftward free-fall. At this point however, the fight to preserve individual liberty is a tough uphill battle, and we each must use whatever small means are available to us to preserve America for our grandchildren.

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