War on Christianity

I listened to a commentator talk about a new Department of Housing and Urban Development rule described by HUD as an ‘affirmatively furthering fair housing program’. We already know from experience that anything described by the government as ‘fair’ means that they will again be tyrannizing citizens, and it will be anything but ‘fair’.

This particular program places all zoning in America under the federal government. It’s intent is to distribute all inner city problems ‘fairly’ among the wealthy suburbs of America, and ensure that being economically successful will not allow one to escape to the safe and orderly life of suburbia. The commentator allowed that once Americans see what this program means to them, middle class America will finally rebel against the inexorable movement towards full government tyranny.

In California parents are taking to the streets over the State’s immunization program. The parents believe the government is overstepping it’s authority and making decisions for their children that should rightly be made by them. A group called ‘Voice for Choice’ referred to the pent up hostility against government authority as a ‘sleeping giant’.

I would respectfully disagree with both as to what constitutes the ‘sleeping giant’ in America. It is not the HUD takeover of local zoning, nor government forcing parents to immunize their children. Neither is it immigration, healthcare, radical Islam, the military, foreign policy, or any other of the issues that ambitious politicians and the media are focusing on.

The issue that is likely to foment a cultural divide like nothing since slavery, is the attack on Christianity initiated by the Supreme Court of the United States. The recent SCOTUS invention of a national right to gay marriage was nothing less than a declaration of war on Christianity. The ruling is not about the law. It is not about fairness. It is not about the Constitution. And it is not even about marriage. It is about eliminating the principles of Christian morality that have guided America since its inception.

For the radical leftists, who are obsessed with fundamentally transforming America, nothing less than the full takeover of society by government will suffice. These driven radicals imagine, like scores of dictatorial maniacs throughout world history, that they alone can remake America and the world into a fair and equitable planet for all humans.

This radical element within the gay community, is well on its way to destroying the libertine culture that has allowed America to rise to the top of the world order. The loony fringe of the ‘gay rights movement’ will never be satisfied until religious freedom is destroyed and Christianity is eviscerated as punishment for centuries of preaching that homosexuality is unacceptable in the eyes of God.

Maybe I am wrong about it being just being gay rights kooks who are driving the war, but my gut feeling says the average American identifying as homosexual is no different than heterosexuals, evangelical Christians, or even conservatives. They have now won their fight over marriage, and just want to get on with their lives. They are perfectly willing to tolerate other belief systems as long as they are left alone to live according to theirs.

Unfortunately there is a radical grievance element within every minority group that is perpetually offended, and can never rest until full punishment is meted out to the common enemy of victimhood – the white, Christian majority. These people are completely self-absorbed, and care not a hoot for freedom of speech and religion, America, children, or even others within their minority group. Vicious personal attacks against anyone who opposes them are their specialty – often most virulently against others within their own homosexual community.

Using the rhetorical tactic of tyrants throughout history, they accuse those they are persecuting of being the villains, and deserving of whatever scorn is heaped upon them. In every state we see small-minded bureaucrats ordering private business owners to cater gay weddings, all the while accusing the peaceful Christians they are persecuting of being the right-wing ‘nazis’. Thus we find gentle people who only wish to live their faith, bullied by gay fanatics, power-mad power government officials, and judges who have no respect for the Constitution.

Across America, most citizens are imagining the battle over gay marriage is finished, and those who oppose it can just continue forward with their own religious beliefs intact. Others have never given the issue much thought, and believe it doesn’t affect them one way or the other. Politicians in particular are ignoring the massive upheaval coming over freedom of religion and speech, and hoping they can just get through the next election without having to take a stand.

Soon. Very soon! The full reality of the SCOTUS decision will begin to impact all citizens. Attorneys across the country are even now preparing a massive number of lawsuits attacking the right of religious organizations to support only traditional marriage. The first wave of the great Christian purge is already upon us.

Radical state governments led by militant Christian haters, are forcing Christian business owners to either cater gay weddings, or close down their businesses. Anti-Christian judges ban prayer from all public gatherings, and school bands are enjoined from playing any music deemed to be offensive to a single left-wing atheist. Even the very word ‘God’, is being censored from all books deemed to be in the public domain.

Meanwhile the military has instituted a massive re-structuring of policy, giving special treatment to homosexuals. From top to bottom, the military is carrying out a forced re-education of personnel to accept all phases of the LGBT political agenda, even going so far as to have advancement set-asides for gays and transgendered personnel.

The military has also carried this ‘thought reform’ into religion. Chaplains are not only forbidden to counsel or preach that there is anything wrong with homosexuality, but also may not read from the Bible regarding the subject. Those refusing to allow the government to modify their religious beliefs have had their careers and lives trashed by the military witch hunters.

The next wave coming soon to a church near you, will be a legal stun force of radical left skinheads supported by the judiciary and media, demanding that all churches refusing to capitulate to the full gay agenda lose their tax exempt status. Once that happens, the hard-core takeover of religion will commence. Carefully selected judges will order churches to perform gay marriages and refrain from ever speaking out against homosexuality.

Next comes the coup de grace – editing the Holy Bible. As long as the Bible exists in its current form, the anti-Christian jackboots can never rest. All references to homosexuality being against God’s command must be changed so that everything gay, including marriage, is acceptable in God’s sight. While they are at it, the editorial committee will perform many other miracles of political correctness on the Bible, and we may even see a Department of Religion to permanently control the religious landscape.

I realize, to many people I sound like a nutcase. To those I can only say ‘open your eyes’. I have spent almost 40 years dealing with fishery issues and management. Having attended hundreds of hearings, served on dozens of committees, panels, and advisory boards, I was intimately connected with the way government slowly sucks power away from the people. Today I find that all of the ‘crazy’ predictions I made 20 and 30 years ago have come to pass, even down to video monitoring of commercial fishermen.

I am neither a prognosticator nor a chronic pessimist, but I do have years of experience with the progression of government control, and I see clearly what’s coming for America. It is not that difficult. It’s there for everyone to see if they are only willing to look. Unfortunately, most Americans choose to hustle past the issue and avoid confrontation, even at the cost of their own liberty. Soon enough, all Americans will be forced to choose between accepting tyranny, or fighting for liberty.

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