Trump’s Muslim Registry

In case you haven’t heard, the mainstream media and Capitol Hill Republicans are having their latest Trump hissy over him supposedly proposing that all Muslims be registered.

Let us be clear from the start. A reporter invented the ‘Muslim registry’. Anyone who heard the actual interview in full as I did, understands that this is another mendacious attempt by the power elites to derail Trump’s presidential campaign.

So far, they have tried every trick in their sleazy book to destroy him. Even their specialty – character assassination – has failed to work with Trump. They couldn’t even get his ex-wife to confirm that he is a reprobate. Things are tough these days in the ‘media lies’ business. The ‘Muslim registry’ scam was a classic, and would likely have been the hari kari moment for just about any mainstream Republican candidate, but Trump barely noticed.

Never mind that nobody has any idea what the reporter meant by a ‘Muslim registry’. Our government tracks every single American, listens in on their private phone conversations, and even demands to know how many bathrooms they have in their home. But now Americans are supposed to be outraged that Muslims will be forced to reveal their religious faith. I mean, what next? Are we going to require them to swear that they don’t believe in executing homosexuals, enslaving their women, and killing infidels and apostates?

But then Donald Trump doesn’t play fair. He is too unsophisticated to realize that he insulted all Muslims and liberal saints, and needs to be groveling and pleading for understanding over something he never said. In fact, He should be falling all over himself apologizing to the 600 million Muslims, and tearfully removing himself from the Presidential race. But the vulgar billionaire just does not understand how the game is played!

Worse! His intransigence is catching. Some of the other candidates are becoming hesitant to apologize for every media twist of their words. Some are even fighting back against the reporters, and actually calling them out for being so blatantly anti-conservative. Liberal media stars are desperate to nip this trend in the bud, and are vigorously investigating Trump’s pool boys and keeping a sharp eye on how he treats his dog.

The mainstream media, Democrats, and the establishment Republicans are the power elites of America. Donald Trump is making them panic. Their hold on power has never been more threatened than it is now. That the American people continue to support ‘The Donald’, has them completely befuddled.

The establishment conservatives in the media are not just perplexed, but actually disgusted that rank and file Republicans could be such rubes. The Charles Krauthammers of the Washington political scene, are so absorbed in having credibility with the mainstream media, that they fairly cringe with every new poll that comes out. They simply cannot believe that heartland Republicans are stupid enough to listen to Trump’s crude rhetoric, instead of their sophisticated analyses.

They are like the self-absorbed man whose neglected wife has been cheating on him: Her actions are suspicious. She has lately become moody and distant. She stays with her friends a lot. He refuses to believe what his own friends tell him, yet finds himself kissing up to her suddenly unreasonable demands. Only when she actually reveals that she is leaving him for someone else, is he finally shocked into believing.

So it is with the Republican establishment. They are in denial. They refuse to believe that the citizens have finally had enough of their vote pandering rhetoric with no action, and want a non-politician to lead them. They are certain that the ignorant voters just don’t know the real Trump, and once he is exposed, will turn back to big government for the security that only Washington can provide. Maybe when Republican voters reveal their infidelity at the ballot box, our professional politicians will finally believe.

I talk to people every day who express the same sentiment: ‘I am not a Trump fan, but I sure like what he saying’. Our establishment leaders just cannot bring themselves to believe that they are no longer loved, and that when push comes to vote, loyal Republicans will actually cast their ballot for Donald Trump.

Do I trust Trump? Of course not! But I don’t trust any of our elected leaders, or the Krauthammers either. So why not give a Washington outsider a chance. Someone who doesn’t make the same lame promises year after year, and doesn’t give a hoot about being politically correct. He can’t possibly be any worse than what we have!

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