Trump Protests

Yesterday, we saw another Democrat inspired protest against Donald Trump. If the left-wing fascists keep up their angry demonstrations long enough, they will soon have me, and millions of other non-Trump voters, switching our votes to him. Nothing could point up more clearly why middle America is finally rebelling against the lawlessness of the left.

Preventing the opposition from speaking is the classic way liberalism works. College campuses and the Democrat poverty plantations of the inner cities, are the breeding grounds for left-wing radicals. Brainwashed by educators, the media, and insufferable politicians, recipients of taxpayer dollars are goaded into believing Republicans will kill the goose that lays government benefits.

Hypocrisy being a trademark of the left, they always accuse the right of practicing the very policies that they themselves are guilty of. In their twisted minds, conservatives are the scary proponents of violence because of their support for the Constitution, while the left is peaceful, law abiding, and wants to rid America of guns and violence.

In point of fact however, all violent protests in America are carried out by the left. The current protests against Trump simply give current validation to what always has been true in America; the left has no use for the Constitution, and they believe in imposing their values by force.

Trump is absolutely correct when he says there will be increasing violence over his candidacy. As always, the media and establishment politicians are appalled whenever he states the obvious. Liberals now sense that Trump is a real threat to the welfare state, and worse – their ability to hold the moral high ground in ruling over America. Therefore they do what they always do – resort to violent protests.

To some of us ‘down on the docks’ working grunts, it has long been apparent that America has deteriorated too far to be reformed by peaceful political means. The tens of millions of people feeding off tax dollars are not going to allow any political process to upend their leisurely lives. Cronyism exists at all levels of government, and virtually every non-governmental group in America, from courts and lawyers, to the financial markets and environmental organizations, feed off the tax-paying worker bees.

To imagine for example, that something as sensible and easy as tax reform, could ever happen without a fight to the death by the vested interest is beyond wishful thinking. Lawyers and accountants would give their lives to save the system. Politicians who could not hand out special interest tax breaks would be jumping off the Washington Monument. Unions would turn out millions in violent protest, and the media would be bellowing about unfair it would be for minorities.

Simply put, there is no way reform can happen in America without violence. Of course it will be promulgated by the left, as it always is. The question then becomes; how will the rest of America will respond? The Trump phenomena is the first acknowledgement that working class America is fed up with the direction of the country, and it remains to be seen if the inevitable violence of the left will be met with resolve or the usual capitulation.

The liberal bullies never quit once they get their way, they just move on to the next demand. Their political radar is so sensitive that they can detect a single word of weakness in a ten thousand word speech, and zero in on it like a shark to blood. Then, when confronted by the threatening political correctness of the left, frightened Republicans inevitably recoil in abject apology. At least they did until Donald Trump showed up.

The left has not been this scared since Ronald Reagan captured the heart of America. It is not just the fact that Trump is not phased by political correctness, but the fact that he seems oblivious to it. He ignores the howls of the left, and acts as if he doesn’t even recognize their ridiculous positions. He dismisses every charge they make, and treats them as if they are stupid little kids by insulting them with words like losers, liars, and cheaters. Then to yank their chains one more time, he throws out audacious trigger statements that infuriate his opponents, but draw knowing grins from his supporters.

Since nothing they can say has any effect on Trump, the Democrats are now going to their default position – disruptive protest. What we see today, are merely the warm-up skirmishes. Look for the left-wing fascists to continue turning up the protest fire. The media and radical liberals for their part, thrill to the prospect of violence, and continually fan the flames. All Democrat victim classes are now planning their trip to the Republican Convention in Cleveland, like the rest of us would schedule a trip to Disneyworld.

The one good thing that can come out of the violence will be the certain election of Trump or Cruz. Only a true revolution of the working class can restore the promise of America, and if it is still possible for a return to traditional values, it has to come now. Ideally it would be through a peaceful political process, but one would have to his head buried in the sand, to believe that those vested in big government are going to give up that easily.

Every value Americans have long held dear, including freedom of religion and speech, are being eroded away by the liberals who have taken over our courts, the bureaucracy, and our government. Millions of Americans are now recognizing that it is now or never, and only drastic change gives us a fighting chance. Once these Constitutional rights are completely lost, there will be nothing left but the shackles of big government.

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