The Showdown Gets Closer

For all those innocent, naïve citizens who thought legalizing gay marriage would settle the Constitutional gender issue once and for all, wake up and check out the cultural disintegration. The entire radical gay agenda is nothing less than a war against Christianity and the United States Constitution.

So you thought, ‘well two men marrying and raising children is a little weird, but to each his own, and it doesn’t affect me anyway. I mean, what the Heck! I don’t have anything against gays, and I definitely don’t think they should be discriminated against’. So you sit back quietly while the cultural war swirls around you, because so far you haven’t been directly affected.

In truth, if religious liberty and your Christian values mean anything to you, then it is now or never to stand up for the Constitution. Your religious freedom is rapidly being eroded, and the anti-American crowd that is working feverishly to destroy traditional American values, will stop at nothing to invalidate our Constitutional liberties. The left-wing fascists are experts at character assassination, and count on the average person’s fear of confrontation to allow them to continue unhampered in their destructive war on individual liberty.

Let us agree that the average gay person would probably just like to go on quietly with their life, just like the rest of us. In fact, undoubtedly 99% of all Americans would just like to be left alone to live their own life the way they choose. Unfortunately there is a minority element of power-crazed fascists now in control of public policy, led by President Obama and a handful of powerful judges who are exercising tyrranical authority over all Americans.

Homosexuals are only two percent of the population, and the radical element among them even smaller, yet they managed to fundamentally change six thousand years of marriage tradition. Now three hundred and fifty millions Americans are supposed to allow some infinitesimally smaller minority called ‘transgenders’, to turn common sense on its head. In the surreal new world of ‘sexual diversity’ we are supposed to take psychologically troubled people, and allow them into bathrooms and school showers with our children, all the while pretending that it is somehow fair and normal.

If you are now thinking we should just humor them, and put this gender thing behind us, think again. I read recently that this lunatic fringe has identified seventeen distinct gender identities. Maybe by now it is fifty or even a hundred. The average person simply does not have a twisted enough mind to predict where all this is heading. Suffice to say that if a stop is not put on these nutcases, they will someday be forcing all of us to be participants in their bizarre world. Do not be fooled! Nothing less than total capitulation on every issue will ever satisfy them.

Each day we see the war on cultural and religious values become more visible and intense. Those who don’t see it for what it is, are simply unwilling to look. Refusing to turn around, will not make the monster behind you disappear. Once these Constitutional freedoms are taken from us, they will never exist again, and America will go the sad way of every republic throughout history.

Our Constitution has been rendered so powerless by the President and Supreme Court, that the states themselves are forced to pass laws to protect the religious liberty of their citizens. The Georgia and North Carolina legislatures passed simple laws saying pastors could not be forced to perform same-sex marriages, and people must use rest rooms according to their birth sex. The fascists would have none of this. The laws represent such common sense that there shouldn’t even be a necessity for them, but the ‘hate America crowd’ went into their usual attack mode.

The left-wing fascists immediately started threatening the states with their insane howling of discrimination, so that CEO’s, assorted sports puppets, media celebrities without a real cause, and establishment creeps of all kinds, cowered before the loony rhetoric of the anti-Constitutional crowd. Bowing to threats of almighty dollars being pulled from his state, the cowardly governor of Georgia crawled under the covers and vetoed the bill, while the governor of North Carolina stood firm and signed the bill.

The battle for liberty is being waged each day, and so far it has been a rout. The entire politically correct mob, takes the anti-Christian side on every issue, every time. There is barely a shred of genuine bias against homosexuals anywhere in America, yet it is open season on Christians, and the massive discrimination against them is consistently portrayed by the media as well-deserved.

If politicians and citizens continue cowering before the fascist bullies, all will be lost. The unexpected support for Donald Trump is the first sign that there may be hope for America. Fascists, radical liberals, Democrats, Republicans, the media, and establishment types everywhere, have joined forces for the first time to fight Trump and protect their own ruling power.

Those who see no threat, or imagine that America has been through this before, and everything will be alright, are drifting thru life with blinders on. There have indeed been other corrupt times in our history, and crisis’ that threatened the nation. However, through it all, the Constitution was sacrosanct, and freedom of religion had never before been threatened.

Today we find Supreme Court Justices that miraculously find rights to abortion, gay marriage, and universal health care in our Constitution. If they can invent these rights, they can do anything, including restricting the First Amendment rights to free speech and religion.

America is in free-fall. Culturally, economically, and militarily, we are in crisis. Political correctness by our media and establishment rulers is preventing us from addressing the nation’s problems rationally. If we have not already reached the point of no return, it is certainly not far away. The showdown is upon us, and this presidential election may very well be the last chance to save the greatest force for good in the history of nationhood.

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