The Media’s Presidential Circus

Thanks solely to our national media, we now have to tolerate the presidential circus – with at least twenty separate side-shows – for a full year and one half. The presidential race is the big story that dominates the news every day. Meanwhile, as the country focuses on who will be President two years from now, illegals continue pouring over the border, ISIS continues to expand, judges grab more power, corruption runs apace in our government, and Congress is on vacation.

This go round, Donald Trump is the media darling. Make no mistake. They love Trump. It is professional wrestling at its finest. ‘Trump the Terrible’ is the bad guy they all love to hate. There is more righteous indignation among the media elite over Trump’s rise, than one would find in the most blood-thirsty ‘rassling’ fan. But ratings are through the roof, and after all, the media is just giving people what they want to see…Right?

In reality, the entire spectacle is a creation of the national media. There is not one good reason why citizens should be subjected to such fatuousness so long before an election, except that the media has programmed it. America would be far better served if we gave our full attention to the continuous attack on liberty we are receiving from this administration, a judiciary that has taken over control of the country, our moribund Congress, and leave off the presidential race until next summer.

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