The Kentucky Clerk and Hypocrisy

I made the mistake of watching Governor Huckabee on Fox News as he defended Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who was jailed for refusing to issue a same sex marriage license. That subjected me to a montage of media comments slamming Miss Davis, Christianity, and all who support her.

The level of invective and pure hatred directed towards Christians was enough to send chills up the spine of any follower of Christ. It’s as if these media people have their inner anger bottled up with sensitive liberal issues like racial crime, illegal immigration, and political corruption, and then finally allow their pent up hatreds to explode on the safest target around – Christianity.

Liberals are desperately frightened over Kim Davis. They know it is a wake-up call for millions of Christians who are yet to understand the full implications of the tyrannical Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage. Christian activism is a sleeping giant in America, and if awakened could have a devastating impact on the liberal agenda. A black woman on the Fox News show was horrified at the thought of Kim Davis being compared to Rosa Parks, screaming out, ‘This is not civil rights! This is discrimination’!

I had just settled down from reading a Miami Herald hit piece on Christians when I viewed the Fox clip, and was struck once again by the same word. Hypocrisy! Along with avoiding the issue and attacking personally, it is a foundation of liberal argument to accuse your adversary of the very things you yourself are guilty of. Because of their radicalism, it is almost impossible to tell whether liberals recognize it as a tactic, or just fanatically believe there is no other side.

Radical liberals detest the Bible. Without question they would ban it given the chance. More realistically for the present, they hope to edit the offensive parts or have it censored as a book full of hate speech. One of the more maddening aspects of the Holy Book to liberals, is the way the Bible – and particularly Jesus Christ – dwell on the subject of hypocrisy.

They desperately do not wish to recognize that hypocrisy is a two way street which forces people to look within themselves for enlightenment. Indeed, the Bible describes it far more eloquently than the best writer among us. Hypocrite! First remove the cinder from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. Matthew 7:5

What prompted this thought was the Miami Herald’s Leonard Pitts hammering Christians for their intolerance, based on the Kentucky clerk marriage license issue. With the most incredible consistency, the Herald’s Democrat defense team can find fault with everything Republican and everything conservative, all the while exhibiting the most blatant hypocrisy towards liberalism without the least embarrassment.

Mr. Pitts, the Heralds excellent grievance specialist, belittles Christians for their intolerance, while making the reasonable argument that certain things come with the job in positions of public service. However, in the interest of fairness he well could have pointed out that gay marriage was illegal when Mrs. Davis took the job, 75% of Kentuckians voted against it, and incarceration seemed an extreme punishment for such a minor offense.

Unsurprisingly, he displays the typical liberal intolerance to all who disagree with them. “If conscience impinges that heavily upon your business or your job, the solution is simple: Sell the business or quit the job”.

So there you have it. Either fall in line with liberal demands, or go sit in the corner. Liberals have determined that they alone are wise enough to define the boundaries of the Constitutional right to Freedom of Religion. Every American must accept that the rules established by transient judges and politicians always have preeminence over religious conscience. If you can’t control your religious conscience then you may not serve in public office or even have a business that serves the public.

Here’s the hypocrisy. Liberals have no problem making endless excuses and limitless accommodation for inner city thugs, illegal aliens, radical Islam, and fourteen year old boys who decide they are female and demand to shower with the girls. But for religious conscience, they have zero tolerance, and throw Christians in jail to show their resolve.

In fact there were a dozen ways in which the marriage license issue could have been settled. Judge Bunning and Governor Beshear had multiple options to bypass the intransigent clerk, including removing her from office, or simply having her name removed from the license. Both however, chose to show their absolute disdain for religious conscience by throwing a perfectly harmless Christian woman in jail.

By slapping Kim Davis in the slammer for holding her faith more dear than the mighty judge’s order, David Bunning certainly proved he is no paper tiger. No sir! For all those who imply that being the son of a hall of fame pitcher and U.S. Senator had anything to do with his appointment, he showed once and for all that he didn’t need his daddy and is a really tough guy on his own.

In fact, Judge Bunning is probably a perfectly fine human being, but the judicial power he abused by putting this woman in jail is now endemic in the nation’s judiciary. The same judges who allow the President to defy all laws he doesn’t agree with, tolerate millions of aliens who have violated our laws, and repeatedly disenfranchise citizens by throwing out their votes, insist on the strictest enforcement with peaceful Christians.

So, go figure whether the Leonard Pitts’ of this world are oblivious to the hypocritical double standard they place on Christianity, or just don’t care.

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