The Constitution

For 200 years the Constitution was the undisputed foundation of American law and order. Every child spent endless hours in school studying the relationship between the document and the freedoms and liberty we enjoy as Americans, and came away with a reverence for the collective wisdom that went into drafting it.

Today that reverence is gone. Most (I am tempted to say all) schoolchildren graduate with the barest knowledge of the Constitution and even less understanding of how important it is to maintaining their freedoms. The President of the United States views it as an outdated document that only ‘tells the federal government what it cannot do, while neglecting to specify what it may do.’

The President – supposedly a Constitutional scholar – routinely rules by his own interpretation of the Constitution, and one is left to wonder if he was ever taught the reason for having such a document. Separation of powers, and states rights, have no meaning for him, and with little concern for the legal restraints placed on his office, he wields the power of the presidency in ways that would horrify our founders.

For liberals, the major impediment to absolute power being in the hands of the government is the 1rst amendment. Freedom of speech, religion, and the press must be controlled in order for the liberal agenda to be fully enacted, and give government absolute power over the lives of the people. Clear examples of their success can be seen with hate crime legislation controlling speech, the complete removal of religious expression from the public domain, and shutting out the press by limiting access to the hidden agendas of those governing.

By ignoring the Constitutional limits on his office, Obama is practicing the very tyranny that moved our founders to include the 2nd amendment. It appears that the President and his liberal party either don’t understand that the right to bear arms is a protection for citizens against government tyranny, or they understand, but dismiss the right as simply another impediment to the imperial government they so desire.

Liberal judges routinely overrule popular votes, and act as if the Constitution is the property of the judiciary instead of the people. They twist words and squeeze tortured opinions out of simple language to support their own personal views. The original Constitution is an amazingly straightforward document, and in truth, I can do a better job of interpreting it than activist, liberal judges.

With his blatantly unconstitutional executive order giving amnesty to 5 million illegal aliens, the President showed how irrelevant the Constitution has become to liberal Democrats. Far worse even than it appears, it only takes half a brain to understand that 5 million is just another executive lie. If he says 5 million, then it is probably 10 million, plus another 10 or 20 million of their extended families, which will then be eligible to join them.

Then, if one has the other half of the brain functioning, it is easy to see what comes next. While the media is absorbed in the crisis du jour (this week it’s Ferguson), tens of millions are preparing for their own illegal journey across our southern border, understanding that they too will eventually be forgiven and legalized.

After Obamacare, Ben Ghazi, IRS, etc, we have become numbed to the President misleading us, and no longer take anything he says at face value. But most amazing is that he is allowed to get away with it politically. We all knew what Obama was going to do with immigration, just like we know what the Republicans will do in response – nothing. Supposedly, losing an election is the payback for presidential perfidy, yet no thinking person believes it will do anything but further empower him to go his own way.

After 50 years of observing the increasing corruption of our system, it is difficult to understand how anyone with their eyes open cannot see the future consequences of today’s policies. However, when I expressed this seemingly obvious opinion, an acquaintance accused me of being a pessimist, and chastised me with a somewhat snooty “I prefer to be an optimist.” What he was really saying is “I prefer to be oblivious.”

In fact, I am neither a pessimist nor an optimist, but a realist. Fifty years of fighting the commercial fishing bureaucracy taught me how to lose battles, but I have never been able to concede defeat in the war itself. So it is with my country. Our nation is rapidly gaining momentum on its downward slide as conservatives lose battle after battle, but America is still a wonderful place to live, and my life is wonderful along with it. While the war for liberty is going badly right now, we must not just shut up and crawl into our protective shells.

Politicians are endlessly creative when it comes to putting off the day of reckoning, so barring some national catastrophe, my generation will probably continue to enjoy the American dream. It is our children and grandchildren that will pay the price for our failure to deal with the future, and while it may be impossible to head off the coming economic and social disasters, we must do what we can to mitigate the monumental problems they will be left to deal with.

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