The Art of the Deal – Trump’s Muslim Ban

Donald Trump is at it again. Now he says Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to enter the United States until our leaders figure out what’s going on. Trump says a cross section of Muslims ‘have animosity’ towards the U.S., and it makes no sense to allow them to enter.

The liberal media is apoplectic over his remarks, and Republican politicians are uniformly shocked that a presidential candidate would speak such electoral heresy. The White House says he should remove himself from the race, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, is desperately trying to distance the elite establishment Republicans from his remarks.

The entire mainstream media – including many claiming to be conservative – is piling on. From Tom Brokaw at NBC, to the purportedly conservative Daily Beast, Trump has become the common enemy. News outlets have abandoned all pretense of reporting, and gone into full attack mode. Sensing they have lost their power with Trump and American voters, the talking heads are in complete panic, and flailing away with every detestable weapon in their arsenal.

In the course of two days Donald Trump has been called a fascist, neo-fascist, racist, race-baiter, mendacious racist, demagogue, bigot, xenophobe, and public enemy number one. He has been compared to Mussolini, Hitler, and according to one ostensibly conservative columnist, “As President, he would be the most dangerous man on the planet”. My, my, my! Pretty impressive for a simple billionaire businessman who has never held public office.

Meanwhile, those of us who agree with Trump, are described as ignorant, less educated, misled, radicals, racists, neo-cons, crazies, and mindless followers of a demagogic Pied Piper. Apparently Trump supporters just haven’t had the opportunity to become enlightened by left-wing college professors. Missing, as usual in the establishment rhetoric is any calm discussion of the actual issue. As always, the mainstream media depends on journalistic hysteria to cower Republicans into quick submission.

Almost as one, they claim it would be illegal, unconstitutional, and ‘not who we are’ to discriminate against Muslims by not allowing them to enter the U.S. Typically, there is no basis in fact for their claims. How about they point out the law that says Muslims have a right to come here. Show us in the Constitution where we are required to accept people who say homosexuals are to be executed, women are just chattels for the men, infidels and apostates must be put to death, and Sharia rule is preferable to a democratic republic. Again, more liberal lies and hypocrisy.

Politicians and presidential candidates are also showing their true establishment colors. From Paul Ryan, to Jeb Bush, to Dick Cheney, they are trembling at the common sense, politically incorrect candor of Trump. That he continues to rise in the polls, has them in mortal fear of losing their niches within the elitist power structure of government. At this point they don’t know what else to do except combine forces to take him out.

Missing in the anti-Trump bigotry of the establishment, is any attempt to rationally analyze both the man and his appeal. Liberals always prefer to create their own political universe. They form conservative straw men from the dust of the earth as if they themselves are the Almighty, and give life to their own prejudices by inventing positions for every conservative they see as a threat – from Donald Trump to Rush Limbaugh.

They have no need to actually listen to Rush Limbaugh. They already know he is a right wing radical, so he is bound to be guilty of any lunatic position they can embroider from his actual words and context. Be assured also that they have never read The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump. If they had, they might better understand how Trump is making them dance to his squawking accordion.

Neither establishment politicians, nor mainstream journalists know the first thing about business. With few exceptions, they have no real world experience, and perceive the corruption in capitalism to be far worse than a little tyranny by big government. All they really understand is that business is the goose that lays the golden tax eggs. As much as they would love to serve up the goose for their ‘holiday’ meal, they must treat it carefully, lest it stop laying.

On the other hand, virtually every Trump supporter understands that Trump is an extraordinary businessman, and is simply approaching politics as he would any other mega-deal. The most plebian tax-paying citizen understands the basic rules of business far better than the most sophisticated politico: If you want to realize $100,000 out of your house sale, you start by asking $150,000. In other words, negotiating price is the foundation of all business deals.

Whether on purpose or purely from instinct, Donald Trump has transposed his business strategies into the world of politics: Start out high – even outrageous – and negotiate down. So Trump says: Build a wall and kick out all the illegals! Place a ban on all Muslims entering the country! Bomb the ISIS women and children! Treat China as our enemy!

Behind closed doors Trump must be laughing his head off. Liberals take the bait every time; hook, line, and sinker, as the fishermen say. The average American voter understands that the joke is on the elitist media and politicians, and cheers Trump on with ever more support.

What the media and Democrats think is of little concern. It is the Republican establishment that is failing to get the message. What in the world will it take for them to finally understand? The Republican establishment seems incapable of seeing that they are in a different lane than Democrats, but they are both on the same road to the same destination.

Without a strong and unapologetic conservative message, Republicans will lose the election to Hillary Clinton – the most corrupt politician in America. Abandoning political correctness and allowing open dialogue on the problems facing our nation, is what Trump’s appeal is all about. It always comes back to free speech – the foundation of all our freedoms.

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