Starbucks and Hypocrisy

Though liberals by definition are notorious hypocrites, there really should be a stronger word for the sanctimonious Starbucks Coffee gang. Howard Schultz and his suck-up entourage of highly paid yes-men (sorry, should it be yes-people or yes-humans?), are as anti-Christian as any company in America.

It was not enough for them to espouse gay marriage, they had to go out of their way to attack Christians who supported traditional marriage. In their self-righteous arrogance, the liberal Pharisees told all stockholders who didn’t support gay marriage, that they should divest themselves of ownership in Starbucks, and take their Christian bigotry to a company that presumably has no social conscience.

When Christians retaliated with a petition that quickly garnered 59,000 signatures, and started drinking their coffee elsewhere, stockholders became concerned. Once the bottom line came into play, Starbucks backed off from appearing too anti-Christian, and then concentrated all their efforts on supporting the full gay agenda. Instead of going after the traditional marriage crowd, they concentrated their efforts on in your face actions like open bathrooms, while appeasing Christians with a Happy Birthday Jesus cup at Christmas time.

Let us also point out that Starbucks is not just liberal, but radically so with all social issues. Like President Obama, they want to transform America into a country where the government dictates what everyone is allowed to say and believe. They envision an America without guns, religion, majority rule, gender, and conservatives. Starbucks, will of course be allowed to say and do what they please, because they have been on the right side of history, which gives them the moral authority to lead.

Led by their gag inducing CEO Charles Schultz, Starbucks preens their liberal feathers with the usual politically correct terms; inclusiveness, diversity, fairness, gender equality, culture of empowerment, challenging the status quo, and journey of dignity and respect. Starbuck’s thousands of partners, (also known as employees) are expected to actively support every bit of political correctness that spews from their fellow partner Charles Schultz.

When it comes to women’s rights, no business in the world is more self-righteous than good old Starbucks. According to Sandra Taylor, Senior Vice President for Corporate Responsibility, “Starbucks enthusiastically supports The Calvert Women’s Principles because we see a strong business case for gender equality and women’s empowerment. ” The Calvert Women’s Principles ‘focus on business corporations as vehicles for addressing gender inequities and advancing the global empowerment of women’.

With the grand posturing on equality for women fresh in our minds, lets cut to Starbucks in Saudi Arabia. Yes, they actually do operate in a country that does not let women drive, interact with men, leave the house without a male chaperon, wear clothes or make-up that show off their beauty, or even swim and compete freely in sports.

Let us agree that a Starbucks operating in a country with Sharia Law would be a good thing if they conducted business under American principles of freedom and equality. However, the reality of their operation is as far from The Calvert Women’s Principles as its possible to get, and is a glaring example of the corporate hypocrisy in play at Starbuck’s headquarters.

U.N. Watch, an organization that monitors human rights based on the United Nations charter, says Saudi Arabia has “arguably the worst record in the world when it comes to religious freedom and women’s rights.” Starbucks knew coming in that they would have to comply with Sharia laws and customs in order to do business in Saudi Arabia. Placing profit before principle, the holiest of all women’s rights advocates, placed a sign outside their store which read, “Please no entry for ladies only send your driver to order thank you.”

Starbucks stammering excuses included of all things, ‘religious freedom.’ Apparently the company is perfectly willing to accommodate religious freedom for everyone except Christians. It is OK for the Saudis to treat their women as chattel, but unacceptable for Christians to say that a child should have both a mother and a father, or a person with male genitalia should have to stay out of the girls’ bathroom.

Because a handful of power crazed judges have decided to take the law into their own hands, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and Christianity itself is under attack like never before in American history. For all those Christians who are simply praying for help, or worse trying to ignore the threats to religious freedom, take a good look at what’s happening in Georgia.

The Georgia legislature passed a law that simply read pastors cannot be required by law to violate their religious beliefs and perform same sex marriages, and people must use the bathroom appropriate to their genitals.
It is as common sense and constitutionally consistent as any law ever passed. Nothing in it prevents a gay person from marrying or using a restroom. Yet the pathetic and cowardly governor of Georgia vetoed the bill because equally pathetic and cowardly businesses threatened to pull their money from the state if it passed.

Even more pathetic are our sports moguls who threatened to pull the Super Bowl, and the laughable sports media personalities. So frightened are they of the media that they grovel at the slightest complaint. Once tough and proud jocks, now prance around in pink to placate the feminists, beat their backs endlessly over every racial injustice of the past, run nauseating ads about domestic abuse, allow perverted half-time performances to be broadcast nationwide, and blatantly lie about being comfortable with gay players in the shower with them.

In fact, the sports media and jocks are the most pitiable. The high school nerds now running America and paying athletes fantastic sums to perform for them, are reeking their revenge. The geeks who were bullied and humiliated in school by the arrogant jocks are delivering payback. For their part, the smartly dressed media jocks are desperate to stay in the limelight they have always enjoyed, but fail to recognize that they cannot bow down far enough to prevent being secretly despised and ridiculed by the new ruling class they are sucking up to.

What then are we Christians to do, as America is fundamentally transformed into a post Constitutional hellhole. The Bible says the ‘meek shall inherit the earth’, but what are Christians supposed to do while waiting for the inheritance? Some say leave it in the hands of the Lord, and others philosophize that there is ‘nothing new under the sun’, and ‘this too shall pass’. Some say prayer and passivity will win out in the end, and a few even say mind your own soul and let the world go its sorry way.

Well, I am not any of those. I believe the Lord intends us to witness for our faith. That means standing up publicly for what you believe. The minority secularists in America have managed to gain the upper hand exactly because Christians have sat back and done nothing. Liberals are the new bullies of America, and there is no way to win with them except to stand up and fight. Sensing weakness in opponents is like shooting up with Red Bull for liberals. It only makes them more wild and aggressive, and encourages them to push even harder for their increasingly absurd demands.

So, what can we do? Well, what we can do as Christians is exercise our economic muscle. We are not going to be violent like left wing fascists, we are not going to become obnoxious and abrasive like liberal activists, and we are not going to resort to profanity and name-calling intimidation to force our way on everyone. What we can do though, is turn the liberals boycott tactics back on them.

Lets say we pick one high profile corporation like Starbucks and have a Christian boycott of their coffee. Seventy five percent of Americans identify as Christians. The economic power is staggering, and if directed against one company, it could have a monumental effect. Singling out one company makes it easy to implement, and will have a far stronger impact than spreading out a boycott among multiple enterprises.

Starbucks seems a perfect target since they have a strong worldwide profile, and are very active and supportive of all radical liberal positions. They have also shown themselves to be hypocrites, and highly attuned to their profit side. Not only would an effective boycott force them to modify their positions, but other liberal toadies would be forced to take notice.

It would also be very easy for the Christian boycotters. There are a million people selling coffee today, and there is nothing so special about Starbucks that people couldn’t make do with another brand. Sooner or later, Christians are either going to fight, or be forced underground to exercise their Christian faith. The fight can no longer be avoided, unless people are just willing to give up their Constitutional rights. It is also true that the longer we wait to take action, the harder it is going to be to continue worshipping freely in America.

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