Rubio and Trump

If it ends up being Marco Rubio against Hillary Clinton, of course I will vote for Rubio. However, I believe if he wins, he will be the last Republican president. With him as president, there is no question that tens of millions of illegals will eventually find a path towards registering and voting Democrat.

After trying mightily with his ‘gang of eight’ to get the law-breakers legalized, Rubio now swears there will be no “amnesty” for illegal aliens. Well, a dumpster by any other name smells just as rank. Of course it won’t be called amnesty, but by whatever name, the result will be the same.

Rubio’s problem is that he has lost the trust of people like me. From day one I supported him in his senate race. I had hopes that he would be the Ronald Reagan of the twenty first century. Then he went off to Washington, and lost his way. Like most of our legislators, he imagined that if he had the power to make a law, he had the power to ignore it if he pleased.

So now Rubio, the attorney and senator sworn to uphold the law, finds himself on the side of millions of people who broke the law. When our national leaders violate the rule of law, is it any wonder people feel they can take over university buildings, state capitals, and Forest Service offices with impunity?

Donald Trump, like Rubio, is a man I would vote for if he wins the nomination. However, I haven’t come to the point where I could support him in the primary. I love what he has brought to the Republican Party, but I am not convinced the Trump we see, is the President Trump we would get.

Trump says he has been saved, and is now a born again conservative. Maybe, but I am always suspicious of the quick conversions. The primary revival meeting is not the best place to become a true believer. It took decades for Reagan to convince himself and others that his had given over his political life to conservatism. This Trump conversion is moving a little too fast for me.

Meanwhile, with all news outlets from NBC to Rush Limbaugh obsessing on the presidential sweepstakes, the takeover of America continues apace. Not only are illegal aliens still pouring over the border, but President Obama has ordered the Border Patrol to stand down, and no longer detain the law-breaking foreigners. Up North, thousands of Muslims are being brought into the country. Of course Obama assures us that they have been vetted by the same exacting system being used by Germany and France.

With the spotlight shining only on the presidential circus, the Democratic administration continues to ‘fundamentally transform America’. Republicans, led by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell – two career establishment politicians – piddle around with insignificant hearings, and whimper that the minority Democrats are thwarting all the conservative actions they promised to take.

So maybe the real defining issue of the primary is: Which Republican can get conservative policies in place without the support of congress. Democrats are experts at enacting liberal policies. When they are in the majority they just ram everything through. When in the minority, they simply thwart everything the Republicans want to do. When they only have the Presidency they do it with executive orders. Democrats do not play compromise. They get everything they want, all of the time.

Donald Trump scares both Republicans and Democrats for the same reason: He doesn’t play by the incumbents rule book. The most fundamental rule is that Democrats are always on the offense with political correctness, and Republicans are always on defense. By continuing to play fair with each other, they get to achieve the number one goal of all elected officials – staying in office.

However, what really frightens the Democrats is Trump using their election playbook to run for office. Personal attacks, innuendo, past indiscretions, twisting the record, and rewriting history are all classic Democrat tactics to be used against Republican opponents. Right now Trump is using them against his fellow Republicans. But imagine the horror if he gets the nomination and goes after Hillary. There is no one in American politics more vulnerable to personal attacks than Clinton, and there is no doubt that Trump will go for the jugular.

The question for conservatives is whether to continue working within the bounds of the Constitution and attempt to get things accomplished the right way, or fight liberals with their own rules of engagement. Donald Trump is the ‘hit man’. He is our Barack Obama. He will use any means possible to get his way, and you just have the feeling that he will prevail.

Since Ronald Reagan, every elected conservative has been a failure, and there is no reason to believe that anyone in the current crop except Trump, will be any different. Americans finally seem to be coming out of their deep sleep, and instinctively recognize that our country is on the brink of destruction. God help us if Donald Trump is America’s only hope.

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