Republican Majority Update 1

Well, let’s have a quick look at how citizen Bacle is making out with the new Republican majority he helped elect.

Foreign Affairs: ISIS continues to expand. A Christian holocaust is taking place in the Middle East. Russia is now openly taking over Ukraine. Iran will be allowed to continue their nuclear program.

Immigration: Illegals continue to pour over the southern border. Mitch McConnell and the Republican senate have been whipped again, and will continue funding of Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty order. The five million (or ten, twenty, fifty – who really knows) newly legal illegals, will each receive a cash payment of 25 or 30 thousand dollars from the IRS once they file, along with food stamps, health care, and every other government handout known to exist. And oh yes! My congressman, Carlos Curbelo, supports Obama’s illegal executive order.

Social Issues: Gay marriage is in as judicial tyranny grows – freedom of religion and majority rule are out. My senator, Marco Rubio, is focused in on campus rape. Indoctrination of our school children has now moved from Twinkie guns, to bullying, to transgender sensitivity training. Meanwhile we are graduating kids who don’t have a clue about the Constitution, can’t add twelve plus twelve without a calculator, and are literate only in text messaging.

Smaller government: The federal government just took over the internet. The IRS is adding ten thousand new employees, Obamacare continues fully funded and growing by the day, and Homeland Security – or somebody – is setting up a whole new bureaucracy to deal with newly legal illegals. Yes sir, those Republicans are really making progress on downsizing that government monster!

Energy: Hooray! The Republicans passed the Keystone Pipeline. Oh no! Obama vetoed it. Gees!… I suppose I am just ignorant when it comes to the sophistication of Washington politics, but doesn’t it seem like this issue is made to order for Republicans to publicly hammer the Democrat senators into overriding the President’s veto?

That’s it for today. It’s too depressing to go on… Anyone else for a new Speaker of the House and Majority Leader in the senate?

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