Price of Gas

Obama rides again… During the 2012 presidential election, the President and all his liberal supporters mocked Republicans for their slogan ‘Drill Baby Drill’. With the price of gasoline at $4.35 a gallon, the Democrats maintained that drilling for more oil would do nothing to lower the price of energy.

The President and his party did everything within their power to thwart oil production including vetoing the Keystone Pipeline, and shutting down new drilling on federal lands. They wasted hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars on green energy scams, and brought our nation’s coal industry to its knees.

From the President and Vice President, down to the lowliest Congressperson, the economic geniuses of the Democrat Party hooted and howled at the stupidity of Republicans. The mainstream media joined in the crowing chorus, and talked endlessly about the dangerous Republicans appealing to the most ignorant among us.

Meanwhile, our energy producing industry was quietly going about their business. Putting good old Yankee ingenuity to work, they developed new extraction techniques, and using only private lands, increased oil and gas production by 61% while Obama was saying it couldn’t be done. During the same period, oil and gas production on federal land decreased by 6%.

Today, the nationwide average for gasoline stands at $2.13 a gallon. The normal human reaction to being publicly humiliated, would be to apologize for being so wrong, or at the very least just shut up. However, proving once again that liberals lie about everything and are incapable of being shamed, President Obama is now claiming credit for the increase in oil production and the decrease in gas prices.

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