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Until Marco Rubio became Senator Rubio, I was one of his strongest supporters. Since he joined the Senate and co-sponsored the ‘gang of eight’ amnesty bill with four Democrats, I have been forced to view him in an entirely different light.

I have been mystified as to why an attorney and conservative U.S. Senator, would reward people who not just broke the laws of his country, but take jobs from American citizens, further bloat our already massive welfare roles, and provide tens of millions of new voters for the Democrat Party. I mean, what exactly do Americans get out of this deal – a sixty dollar hotel room and a fifty cent tomato?

Last night I listened to Rubio defend his support for ignoring our immigration laws. Since he may become President, I really wish I hadn’t heard his absurd and insulting explanation, as I will undoubtedly be forced to vote for him if he receives the nomination. Treating me and other conservatives who revere the rule of law, as if we are heartless, brain dead dunces, only drives us further away from his candidacy.

It is particularly infuriating to hear him use the same amnesty arguments put forth by voter hungry liberals. Those in favor of adding tens of millions of illegals to the welfare roles and registering them all in the Democrat party, love to paint some picture of the old cowboy roundup of wild horses. Rubio’s particular phrase was that the American people would not stand for a ‘militaristic roundup’ of undocumented immigrants.

First of all, lets dispense with the politically correct term ‘undocumented immigrants’. They are in fact, illegal aliens. If you don’t like the word alien then substitute intruder, infiltrator, or some other appropriate designation for someone who sneaked into our country. An immigrant is someone who is legally in America. Undocumented immigrant is therefore as much an oxymoron as athletic scholarship.

But it’s the reference to a ‘militaristic roundup’ that really makes my blood boil. This shallow dismissal of a monumental problem shows Rubio to be a true establishment politician. Like other Trump and Cruz supporters, I am sick to death of professional politicos who refuse to discuss the damaging details of amnesty. Everyone who says you can’t just round up fifteen million people, is saying it to end the discussion.

Other than Cruz and Trump, I have yet to hear a single person refute this completely inappropriate, politically charged word, and replace it with the correct word – deport. The reason liberals refuse to use the word deport, is because it is patently obvious that you can indeed deport millions of people. All it takes is the will to do it. Ambitious politicians and media elites simply don’t have the backbone to do what’s right for America.

Our establishment rulers are easily identified as those who substitute the term ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ for the scary word ‘amnesty’. Republican politicians twist themselves into pretzels trying to deny they favor amnesty, while at the same time dodging the charge of ‘bigoted racist’ by the liberal media. In truth, our immigration laws are perfectly fine to handle the problem of illegal entrants. It is only our lame government that needs comprehensive reform for refusing to enforce our laws.

It always seems a shame to have to point out the obvious, but here it is: Deporting fifteen million illegals is not only possible, but simple. First; enforce the border. Second; every person found to be in America illegally, gets sent back to the country of their origin – whenever and wherever found. No exceptions. Third; no welfare benefits for anyone here illegally. If emergency medical service is needed, treat them and send them back. And fourth; enact heavy penalties against anyone who employs an illegal alien.

Guess what? We don’t need comprehensive immigration reform to do this, and we don’t even need a single new law. Just enforce the laws as they are currently written. What exactly is so radical about what Trump and Cruz are saying? Has it gotten so looney in America that the ones who demand the laws be enforced are the radicals?

Once foreign nationals understand that they will never be allowed to benefit from breaking our laws, there will be little incentive to sneak in. There will also be no reason for those here illegally to remain, and we will see millions quickly self-deport and presumably apply to come here legally.

Whether it is a Republican or Democrat, spouting out the word ‘roundup’ is nothing but demagoguery, and is just another protective devise for career politicians. Illegal immigration is the single greatest threat our Republic faces, and America will be dramatically altered if the issue is not handled quickly and decisively. Every citizen supporting Trump or Cruz knows this to be true, but our sheltered political elites seem unable to grasp the fact.

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