Pearl Harbor Day – 2015

For those who think 9/11 will never be forgotten, and those who realize that it actually has been forgotten, today is Pearl Harbor Day – the day that will “live in infamy” and the last day that will never be forgotten. I first looked at the Key West Citizen to see what they had to say about remembering Pearl Harbor. I no longer subscribe, but my ninety four year old mother, who lives next door, reads it cover to cover each day.

This morning I found her highly agitated. Dad was stationed with the Navy in Guantanamo Bay when Pearl Harbor was attacked, and he and mother had plans to marry. Like so many other couples, the war forced them to marry immediately, and mother barely saw him for the next four years. “You know, they didn’t even mention Pearl Harbor in the paper! I know it is very liberal, but it’s just not right”!

After rechecking the Citizen – it did have one line under ‘This Day in History’ – I then checked the Miami Herald. The Herald is every bit as liberal as the Citizen, but I still have to read a sports page in the morning. I did not read through the entire paper, but there was no mention of it on the front page. Apparently it has taken seventy years for Pearl Harbor to enter the dustbin of history. It took less than fifteen for 9/11.

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