Newsday – January 30, 2016

San Francisco is today’s hot spot. The capital of the left coast has been trying to stop public urination. Apparently the free spirits in San Francisco feel free to relieve themselves whenever the urge hits. Some ten thousand metal light posts are now being inspected after one corroded and fell from a ‘combination of dog and human urine’.

The whacky city council first tried to control the problem by instituting a five hundred dollar fine. When that didn’t work, they painted the preferred spots with a paint that would spray the urine back on the peers. Then they started rolling through the city with solar powered mobile toilets. Now they have placed attendants to clean and restock supplies, and prevent people from doing drugs and sleeping inside the numerous public restrooms.

When all of this didn’t solve the problem, they finally came up with the perfect San Francisco solution: Just say that it is now OK to pee in public. To make it even more inviting for the thousands of perverts who flock to the liberal Mecca, they are going to place open-air urinals in the public parks. Looks like the ‘sanctuary city’ can tolerate anything – except Christianity.

Also, in the city of tolerance, diversity, and understanding, a group of high school students was expelled for having a party where the participants ‘emulated the language, gestures, and dress popularized by rap and hip hop videos’. According to a school administrator, the party “appropriated pervasive negative stereotypes, and had racial overtones and racial implications”. The school principal added “Its disheartening and incredibly sad that this type of thing exists. Not just for our school, but for the entire city”.

I guess even for someone from Key West, it’s practically impossible to get into the minds of San Franciscans. For decades white kids have been adopting the dress of black youth. African Americans have been the trend-setters for everything from hats and shoes, to baggy shorts and sophisticated suits. They have also come up with thousands of catchy words and phrases that have been picked up by white kids, while their music – which often includes extreme profanity, racially derogatory terms, glorification of drugs and profligate sex, as well as anti-police rants – is practically all the kids listen to today.

So what exactly is San Francisco so ‘disheartened and sad’ about. Do they see something wrong in the black culture? I mean, what is it about black dress styles or their musical culture that they object to? It surely can’t be that the self-righteous champions of political correctness, just don’t want their organic little yuppies to emulate the culture of the hood?

So what’s happening on the other side of the world? More and more, it is appearing as if stopping terrorists is about as difficult as purging the world of drug smugglers. The Islamic Jihadists seem infinitely creative when it comes to delivering their terrorist attacks. The latest creation comes from Australia.

A small group of Islamic radicals discussed placing bombs in kangaroo pouches, and turning them loose on the police at a Veterans Day celebration in Melbourne. These terrorists don’t seem to realize they are going one step too far. If they don’t want to lose the support of their liberal apologists, they better stick to blowing up humans. Killing an innocent animal is a sure way to lose the tender-hearted, dog poop crowd.

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