Newsday – January 28, 2016

On any given day there are dozens of news items to draw one’s attention. Searching for the good news, or even upbeat stories is difficult, because most of them are either messages inspired by political correctness, or stories disseminated to promote some agenda.

A perfect example today is a home video that has gone viral, showing a girl of about ten becoming overjoyed and even crying, over the prospect of seeing Donald Trump. Despite being a recently converted Trump admirer – though not necessarily a voter – I think the video is awful for several reasons.

First and foremost, is the fact that her parents have put out a highly personal home video of their daughter for the world to view. Worse, with the worldwide internet, this is a video that will be there forever and follow the girl throughout her life. The fact that it could embarrass their daughter later in life, or even define her life, seems of little consequence to the parents.

To make it even more reproachable, they are using their child to promote their own political agenda. There is an increasing trend towards adults using children to further some cause or agenda they are passionate about. I suppose in an America where body parts are harvested from unborn babies, a cute video of a little girl excited and crying seems harmless enough, but it is something that once would have drawn criticism from all sides.

At a fishery hearing about lobster trapping, several busloads of environmental extremists traveled a long distance to try and further restrict fishermen. Using a little girl with a ‘save the baby lobsters’ tee shirt, they stood her on a chair at the microphone, and had her plead their cause.

Even the rudest commercial fisherman was appalled at the blatant exploitation of a child. Throughout forty years of fishery hearings, at which fishermen were actually losing their livelihoods, I never heard a single person propose using children to plead for their daddy’s jobs. Unfortunately, in our new world nothing seems off-limits, and too many people lust after the ‘fifteen minutes of fame’, even for their children.

While on the subject, a grand jury in Texas investigating Planned Parenthood, has inexplicably indicted the people who exposed the illegal harvesting of unborn baby parts. Claiming the whistle blowers used fake ID’s to gain access to the clinic, and illegally attempted to buy body parts, they are being charged with felonies that carry a maximum penalty of twenty years in prison.

Let us forget for a moment that Planned Parenthood is engaged in one of the most abominable practices ever made public, and look at the selective enforcement of the law in America today. Of the fifteen million illegal aliens in our country, millions are using fake ID’s and lying to government and everyone else about their status. When is the last time one of them was prosecuted for such crimes?

However, when it comes to Planned Parenthood, anyone who dares even criticize them, is subject to extreme verbal harassment or threatened with jail time. Unlimited abortion is dear to the hearts of liberals, and the nation’s largest supplier must be protected at all costs. Anyone who doubts that the rule of law has become a political game, need look no further than the Texas Grand Jury, immigration, and the IRS.

Then, out in Wisconsin, the anti-religion forces made a little boo boo. A manufacturer told employees they could only pray on their scheduled break, and not while they were on the production line. If only Christians were affected there would be no problem. But uh oh, there were nine Muslims who are required to pray five times during the workday. Get ready for the scramble.

The biggest story today is Trump skipping the latest debate. The other candidates and the media are primarily postulating that he is afraid of Megyn Kelly. A few correctly see that he is trying to control the media, instead of allowing them to control him.

Again, they have not read The Art of the Deal. Control is what business and politics are all about. The candidates are simply the performers in the media’s Presidential Circus, and Donald Trump is refusing to put on the clown outfit and ride backwards on the donkey.

In Oregon, the FBI has killed one of the protestors who took over a Forest Service building. So far, other than saying he deserved to be killed, we have no details as to why he was shot during a supposedly ‘routine traffic stop’ by the FBI. Presumably he was not armed, or the FBI would certainly have given out that detail. Good for them he was a typical white guy.

Then finally, Pope Francis met with President Hassan Rouhani of Iran. The perpetually offended Muslims were most recently up in arms over some anti Mohammed remark made by the Pope. The Pope has since apologized profusely, and presumably wanted the meeting so he could convey his mea culpa in person.

I don’t profess to know a lot about the politics of the Vatican. I do know that Iran persecutes and kills Christians, children, apostates, unmanageable women, and homosexuals. Incidentally, they also vow to wipe Israel and all its’ Jews off the face of the map and to destroy the ‘devil America’ as well.

So I don’t know, maybe a personal apology and covering up all the nude statues and paintings so Rouhani wouldn’t be offended, is the true Christian way… By the way: Did the Pope meet with Adolph Hitler?

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