New Direction for Congress?

With the indefensible positions of Democrats on virtually every issue today, there is no choice but to support whichever Republican is running for whatever office. However, there is little reason to believe that having a Republican Senate to go with the GOP House of Representatives, will lead the country in any different direction than it is now heading.

History shows us that newly elected Republicans quickly become part of the Washington establishment. However, the country cousin Republicans are no match politically for the city slicker Democrats on Capitol Hill, and quickly become neutered in the game of power politics.

Rookie GOP lawmakers naively believe they can trust the compromise talk Democrats smoothly hand them, while seasoned Republicans in Congress already understand that they don’t have the heart for the rough and tumble liberal politics of our nation’s capital. The veteran politicians just enjoy the social scene and give hollow opposition in their endless media interviews, while the newcomers tilt at a few political windmills, and then concentrate on the real business of Congress… re-election.

It is a sad fact of life that the average Republican lawmaker doesn’t know how to deal with hardnosed liberal ideologues like Obama, Eric Holder, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. The Democratic bullies are always on the offense, and the ‘classy’ Republican wimps live out their careers on defense.

The next two years will see Obama running roughshod over the Constitution and Congress, while frustrated Republican lawmakers whine their way to 2016. The best we can hope for is that gullible politicians will not be foolish enough to side with Obama on critical issues like immigration and spending. (Whoops! The Republicans just passed a budget Obama says he will sign)

So, no folks! Don’t put your faith in the new Republican majority in Congress. It’s going to take a far more decisive voter revolution than we just had, to force our politicians into doing what’s right instead of what’s politically expedient.

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