Marriage’s Last Stand

The battle continues over gay marriage. Proponents of traditional marriage are down to the last few brave souls defending freedom of religion, the democratic process, and the right of a child to have both a mother and a father.

After a puffed up federal judge had ordered the state of Alabama to begin issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples, the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court Roy Moore, ordered state offices not to issue the licenses. The ACLU accused Judge Moore of “grandstanding” for upholding his sworn oath to support the Constitution of Alabama. State by state, gay activists have found a liberal judge who is willing to twist our national Constitution to fit his own political agenda. In this case, a single judge usurped the votes of 80% of Alabama’s citizens.

In San Francisco, Archbishop Cordileone is under fire from gay activists for telling teachers in the Catholic school system to lead their public and professional lives consistently with the church teachings on homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and abortion. According to the archbishop, “The intention is certainly not to pry into the private lives of the teachers. We certainly aren’t going to do that. People are entitled to their private lives, but teachers also have to respect the mission of the school in the way they live their public lives.”

Imagine that! The church expects a public face of loyalty from their employees. What’s next? Are they going to require them to remain silent about the crazy idea that a virgin had a baby who died on a cross for their sins?

It’s always dangerous to have an opinion about someone else’s religion, but I can’t help but believe Archbishop Cordileone is a dedicated Catholic priest who doesn’t understand that the ‘fix is in’. The Vatican is very much aware that Christianity itself is under assault in America, and freedom of religion as guaranteed by the Constitution is now a lost cause. No one has more to lose in this changing moral and legal perspective than the Roman Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church has billion of dollars worth of schools, universities, hospitals and charities in America. The Vatican also depends on billions of dollars worth of donations from its’ members in America. Soon enough, the courts will rule that the church must fully embrace homosexuality or lose its tax-exempt status. In the real world, that means the institutions of the church will be under the control of the government, and members will no longer be able to expense their donations as charitable contributions.

The Catholic Church will mount a legal defense for a while, but they know that secular momentum is against them, and they will be forced to accept homosexuality or lose their hospitals, schools and charities. It may be just the cynical view of an outsider, but I believe the Vatican has prepared to accept the government decreed change in church doctrine, by forcing out Pope Benedict and installing the more liberal Pope Francis.

At this point in history, it will take a true miracle for the tide to change. Freedom of religion as guaranteed by the Constitution to be the supreme law of the land is now subjugated to the transient political views of state legislators and random judges, who have the power to make laws say whatever they wish. It is very sad to say, but Christianity will lose, freedom of religion will lose, America will lose, and the Catholic Church will be forced by our government to revise their Biblical beliefs and fully embrace the homosexual agenda.

With the Supreme Court about to make their final revision of the Constitution to legalize gay marriage, a Christian group has finally organized to defend traditional marriage. With high profile supporters like Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association signed on, it could have made a difference a few years ago. However, it is now too late. Too many people have sat back for too long, and allowed their religious liberty to be stripped from them.

Soon enough, government will be forced out of the marriage business, as marital combinations become ever more bizarre under the new ‘fairness’ standard. The marriage disaster will be another bonanza for the American Bar Association, but for the rest of America, the social order that has worked for thousands of years is being destroyed to accommodate less than 2% of the population.

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