Look Out Cuba!

Camouflage your banks and cover up all your ’57 Fords. Then ‘pack up the babies and hide the old ladies’. A delegation from the Florida Bar Association is coming to Cuba!

So folks, if you have some idea that you would like to see Cuba before it becomes Americanized, you better go soon. Now that our legal eagles have detected a crack in the communist armor they will swarm in to free Cuba from the bad kind of tyranny, and replace it with the good, American kind.

Fresh from successfully destroying marriage, our immigration system, and the Constitution, the high-flying American legal community now has their sights set on Cuba. Pity the poor Cubans. After fifty-five years of Communism, the people are so desperate for freedom that they hold out hope, even from American lawyers.

Of course it’s not going to happen overnight. Setting up an Americanized bureaucracy and legal system takes time, and after all, in the legal business what is time but money. Besides that, priority number one is churning out the thousands of lawsuits to reclaim assets lost by Americans when Castro took over, and authorized by the Helms-Burton Act – or as quoted in the Miami Herald, the ‘full employment for lawyers act’.

Yes indeed! Soon enough, instead of the Castro brothers taking their pesos and restricting their freedoms, it will be bureaucrats and the legal system – just like the Yanquis do it.

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