Letter to Congressman Curbelo

Copy of letter sent to Congressman Carlos Curbelo – no response


Dear Congressman Curbelo, 3/5/2016

A little over a year ago, I supported you as a conservative Republican running against Congressman Joe Garcia, a liberal Democrat and supporter of President Obama’s campaign to ‘fundamentally change America’.

Then like so many others, you went off to Washington and seemed to lose your way. Ever since being elected, you appear focused on getting re-elected. Worse, your campaign ads which have been playing in Key West practically since the day you were elected, are indistinguishable from those Joe Garcia was running.

I did not contribute to your campaign and help deliver votes, so you could fight non-existent, man-made global warming. I did not help you get elected so you could snuggle up to liberals with ‘no offshore drilling’ rhetoric. I did not support you so you could deliver tens of millions of law-breaking, job-taking, welfare dependent, illegal aliens to the Democrat Party. And I definitely did not want you in office so you could ‘cross the aisle’ and work with the same Democrats who decimated our country and our culture, while demanding total government control over every aspect of our lives.

I hope you are taking a hard look at the contempt Americans are showing towards our elected leaders in these presidential primaries. Perhaps you think this anti-establishment mood will pass, and everything will return to ‘business as usual’ after the election. If it does, you may be safe for many years. If it doesn’t, this may be the last election you get a free pass while being viewed as an ‘establishment’ Republican.

Donald Trump is not leading because he is a nice guy, a smart guy, or even a conservative. It is his bold, unapologetic leadership in fighting the left-wing agenda. Maybe you think you have been working quietly towards that end yourself, but I assure you that is not the way you are viewed by the conservatives who elected you.

Senator Rubio would be a shoo-in for the nomination had he sided with Americans and the rule of law, instead of supporting amnesty for tens of millions of new Democrat voters. Like gay marriage, amnesty is one of those issues that conservative politicians become anesthetized to by the media and liberal rhetoric, and then wonder why they lost an election.

Being a freshman legislator, you are certainly allowed some slack for not making foolish statements while you learn how to be most effective. However, a lot of us Key West conservatives worked pretty hard – in a bastion of liberalism by the way – to get you elected. The people you are appealing to with your vaporous campaign ads will vote for the Democrat no matter what, while at the same time you alienate your strongest supporters.

Do not underestimate or trivialize the voter rebellion that is happening in America today. There are millions of frustrated citizens like me, who want a radical change in the governance of our country. In the big picture I am not a shaker and mover, and have never been any kind of political activist, but I am typical of the long silent Republican base that is now making itself heard.

As the owner of a sixty three year old fish house in Key West, I have had many years of experience with both state and federal fishing bureaucracies. With respect to my industry, I have been an activist in fighting excessive government control, even launching a website <fishingforaliving.com>, to publish commentary on fishery issues.

Today, I find myself so concerned for the future of my country, that I quit writing about fishery issues and have dedicated my blog to political commentary. Venting my feelings in writing is little more than my own personal relief valve, yet everywhere I go in liberal Key West, people quietly thank me for voicing my politically incorrect views. Most then assure me that they would speak out themselves if they weren’t in such a sensitive position with their particular jobs, families, or social contacts.

If I sound very critical, it is only because I think you need honesty from your supporters and not the patronizing that always comes to elected leaders. God willing we get Congress and the presidency, you will have two years to undo as much of the Obama disaster as possible. I hope you and your colleagues will be willing to stand up and take the media heat that will surely come.


Peter M. Bacle
Stock Island Lobster Co.

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