Laugh or Cry

On any given day one can scroll through the news and not know whether to laugh or cry. Of course, the laugh is out of sheer frustration and the cry is one of wonder at how far our society can go before it hits rock bottom.

Democrats are now saying that the Republican congress has ‘squandered’ taxpayer money on the Ben Ghazi investigation. Imagine, with our ambassador and three others murdered and our embassy burned, Congress spent four million dollars trying to find out what really happened – as much as President Obama spends for two of his golf and fundraising trips. By the way, our government spends four million dollars every 30 seconds – year round.

Out on the left coast, the California loonies strike again. Now they are going to provide sex-change operations to prisoners. As a staunch conservative who believes strongly in individual liberty, I couldn’t care less what a person does to himself as long as he pay for it with his own money, and it doesn’t impact my own personal liberties.

I admit I think these people need psychiatrists more than they need surgeons, but I understand even less the arrogant public officials who spend other people’s money to provide such such bizarre treatments for convicted criminals. I would say, ‘only in California’, but as we are ruefully witnessing, nothing seems too stupid for today’s America.

Out in Texas, two high school bands had a traditional exchange of gifts for Halloween. The Atascocita Band gave the other school a fruit basket containing canned pineapple, a whole coconut, watermelon, and candy. Some of America’s perpetually offended claimed the fruit basket was ‘racially insensitive’, and the school has conducted an investigation and handed out punishments.

School spokesperson Robin McAdams says, “Atascocita High School will not tolerate racial insensitivity.” So which of the fruits is the offending culprit? I guessed wrong. I thought it would be the coconut or pineapple. But no, it’s the good ole watermelon.

So now, a long forgotten, sixty year old symbol of racism against blacks, is given new life by the race hustling crowd. I’m sure the last two generations of both black and white kids will be pleased to know that they now have to see the harmless watermelon as a symbol of racism. Once again our educators are doing a better job of keeping racism alive than they are of teaching our children.

Not only are our educators busy rooting out racism, but they also have a sharp eye out for subversive Christian activity. In Washington State, a high school football coach has the audacity to pray on the field after a game. Over the years, he has been voluntarily joined by players from both teams and fans, without so much as an inviting word from him.

The school board has now ordered him to stop praying or be fired. Actually, he is forbidden to even “engage in demonstrative religious activity, readily observable to students or the attending public.” This includes such malevolent actions as bowing his head, or taking a knee. So the war on religious freedom – and Christianity in particular – continues apace.

Here in Key West, our global warming enthusiasts are giddy with delight. The periodic supermoon has brought the expected high tides, and the hoaxsters are praying – sorry, hoping – that rising seas have finally come. A supermoon accurs when the full moon is closest to earth, and last month it coincided with a lunar eclipse for the first time since 1982.

Instead of focusing on the natural phenomena, the man-made global warming crowd – now known as the climate change crowd – has taken it as a sign from ‘mother nature’ that their day is finally coming. Well, at least according to them we are only going to be under two feet of water by 2060, instead of the twenty feet predicted by Al Gore a decade or so ago.

For one that will make us laugh for real, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry chastised a guest who said new Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is a ‘hard worker’. She claimed calling anyone (any white person?) a hard worker, is demeaning to slaves and single mothers. Well, Lord knows I wouldn’t want to see any slaves offended – but single mothers??

And a last little gem. In Illinois, a jury has awarded $240,000 to two Muslim truck drivers who refused to transport alcohol. The jury determined that the Muslim men who refused to violate their religious belief had been discriminated against because of their religion. Conversely, the Christian grandmother in Washington who refused to violate her religious belief and bake a cake celebrating gay marriage, got fined $135,000 for discriminating against the gay couple.

It is almost impossible for a rational person to figure out the looney minds of liberals. According to their left-wing interpretation of the Constitution, Muslims can be discriminated against on the basis of their religious faith, but Christians are the discriminating culprits if they hold to their religious beliefs. Or else, the trucking company needed to be in Washington where they would have received $240,000 instead of paying it, and the grandmother would have been awarded the $135,000 had she lived in Illinois.

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