In the News Oct 2015

Hillary Clinton testifies before the House committee investigating Ben Ghazi. No one in America believes Hillary, but no one believes she will pay a price for her lying. The corruption of the Washington political establishment is so endemic that all Democrats and a majority of Republicans circle the wagons when one of their own is threatened.

Perhaps Trey Gowdy could at least highlight the audacious lie told to the American people; that the murders and burning of our embassy was the result of a stupid video. The video lie was blatant, and intentionally concocted to cover up the administration’s incompetence while preventing a political black eye with an election pending. Richard Nixon was removed from office for far less.

Today we also see that the innocent little ‘clock kid’ is leaving America. Imagine, in the land of the free, a little Muslim kid named Ahmed Mohamed is detained for bringing to school a homemade ‘clock’ that coincidentally looked like an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). I mean if it had been a little white boy bringing such a device into a school full of Hispanic children, we could understand the fuss. By the way, poor little Ahmed is so traumatized by America that he is moving to Qatar, one of the liberty loving kingdoms of the Middle East.

Meanwhile, out in the foreign Republic of San Francisco, city council members voted unanimously to retain their status as a sanctuary city for illegal aliens. Voting to violate the laws of the United States should amount to an illegal secession from the Union, yet the President and Congress do nothing.

At the order of the President, the Attorney General’s office has taken over control of several dozen police departments for a possible appearance of racism, but San Francisco is allowed to boldly defy federal law with no consequence. It is no longer a question of ‘respect for the law’, but rather a total breakdown of law and order that is happening in America. By the way; where is our great ‘conservative’ Republican congress while the disintegration of law is happening?

And, oh yes, on the law and order front; President Obama and the Democratic National Committee have now fully embraced the Black Lives Matter movement. In case you didn’t hear, this is the group that chants, “What do we want? DEAD COPS! And, Pigs in a blanket – FRY EM LIKE BACON!

Hooray! Hooray! Paul Ryan has agreed to run for Speaker of the House. Democrats can no longer gloat that Republicans are in disarray. A young John Boehner has come to save the day for the entire Washington political establishment. The first order of business will no doubt be; how do we stop Trump?

Speaking of Trump: Republicans, Democrats and the mainstream media still don’t get it. It is not just that Trump is saying what heartland America wants to hear, but that they believe him when he says it. No one trusts the career politicians who deliver their perfectly memorized stump answers, and never get in trouble for being politically incorrect. He may be a billionaire and a borderline jerk, but people believe that – unlike our elected leaders – ‘what you see is what you get’.

Lastly a real beauty about Lois Lerner, the IRS supervisor who targeted conservative groups and deleted thousands of emails pertaining to the abuse, then took the 5th amendment against self-incrimination while refusing to testify before Congress. The Justice Department has been unable to find any wrongdoing on her part, and decided to press no charges.

This case personifies everything already mentioned. The absolute corruption of this administration, the ‘hang together’ mentality of America’s establishment rulers, and the subversion of law to maintain the Washington power hold over the people. It is sickening to think that America has created a ruling class so powerful that even our judicial system is a part of it, and even more sickening to feel so helpless in the face of such brazen political pollution.

In one week we see a city defy the laws of America, the shameful Ben Ghazi incident swept away by political expediency, and the IRS given a pass for flagrant and illegal political bias. Just a few short decades ago, people would have gone to jail, political careers would have been ruined, and bureaucrats by the dozen would have been fired. However, in the current lawless America, the net result of all this corruption? Nothing!

Revolution has always seemed unthinkable in America. But today our country is so divided between the ‘takers’ and the ‘providers’, that it is hard to conceive of any political solution. For all his bluster, Donald Trump understands that drastic measures are needed to save America. If there is not a dramatic and immediate turnaround in the direction of our country, then nothing is unthinkable – even the dissolution of the Union.

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