Illegal Aliens Vote

Well, golly gee! Who would have thought it? President Obama allows illegal aliens to stay in America, lets them get drivers licenses and social security numbers, and they show their gratitude by illegally registering to vote. Wow! Talk about an unintended consequence. The President must be furious!

In all states except four, you can register to vote without proof of citizenship. All it takes these days is a drivers license or social security number, and there is no way to cross check for citizenship. Incidentally, the Obama administration has not remained silent on this issue. The Justice Department is fighting voter fraud by going after the four states that require proof of citizenship!

Anyone who still doubts the duplicity of Obama’s executive actions for amnesty, must have a brain the size of a pea, or be so immersed in big government dependency that they don’t want to look. Even for those who do care, there are so many scandals in this administration that Americans can no longer focus on just one. This voter registration scandal however, will have more impact than any other, by making big government Democrats the permanent ruling party.

Meanwhile, our big new Republican majority in Congress is shocked! In fact, they are so shocked they are going to hold hearings. Yes indeed! They are going to get to the bottom of this outrage, and then they are going to take action – as soon as they finish their action on Fast and Furious, Benghazi, wiretapping of Associated Press reporters, IRS targeting conservatives, Eric Holder perjury charges, massive budget deficits, the President violating the Constitution, and Solyndra.

Yes sir! You can be sure Obama is not sleeping very well these days with these new attack-dog Republicans breathing down his neck. I bet he is so shook up he won’t be able to sink a two foot putt in todays round of golf.

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