Hillary Defense Team

Democrats and the their media teammates are attacking Republicans on every word with every issue. Using the tried and true liberal method, they never talk about the issue itself, but always slander the speaker on a personal level. Ad hominem attacks have always worked to put Republicans on the defense, and Democrats see no reason to abandon the tactic.

Hillary Clinton, the only viable candidate the Democrats have, is in biiiig trouble. Every day more of her duplicity is exposed. Between Ben Ghazi, the email server scandal, and shady Clinton Foundation contributions, Hillary has seen her poll numbers drop to the lowest levels ever. Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media understand that they have to do something quickly to shore up her candidacy.

Her supporters know all the charges against her are true, but find the fact irrelevant. Since Bill first ran for president, its been known that both the Clintons are liars, cheats, and self-serving ego-maniacs. There is little concern among liberals that the 48% who always support big government and vote Democrat no matter the candidate, might change their vote. They won’t.

The fear is that her image as a scoundrel is becoming so ingrained that moderates – who don’t know what they believe – are becoming so turned off that they might actually all vote Republican. They are also afraid that unless the base is sufficiently motivated to turn out the vote, they might not be able to deliver more than 100% of the inner city vote. After all, with the pesky Republicans continuing to insist on photo ID’s, voter fraud is getting harder and harder to pull off – what with everyone having a camera phone and Facebook and all.

Their other problem is President Obama. It is clear that the Clintons and Obamas detest each other. The President would like nothing better than to see Hillary go up in smoke, and Biden step into the nomination. However, Obama must tread carefully with Mrs. Clinton, as she is the one person in America that could take him down with her – and would.

Obama is now forced to sandbag the FBI investigation of Hillary by saying he doesn’t think there was any national security violations, and that much of the email investigation is politically motivated. The President’s claim that he did not know about her illegal personal server while secretary of state is also preposterous. Of course he knew. He not only knew, but undoubtedly had her messages hacked just like the Chinese and Russians did.

The deceptions and lies coming out of government today are overwhelming the American people. The corruption being exposed with the Clintons and the Obama administration is so extensive, that it just doesn’t seem possible that it could all be true. Democrats and the liberal media feed the public’s incertitude by persistently claiming that all the charges are just dirty politics by Republicans.

Since Democrats cannot win with the actual issues, there is nothing left but to ramp up the personal attacks. They are particularly focused on the popularity of the leading Republicans who are not politicians. Democrats are confident they can handle weak-kneed establishment Republicans. Outsiders like Donald Trump and Ben Carson frighten them half to death, so they dismiss the issues, and go after them personally.

Ben Carson is not really a Christian!– as if they care. Trump does not like women! – war on women again? Carson wouldn’t vote for a Muslim for President! – duh. Trump hates Hispanics and wants to deport all immigrants! – how about just the lawbreakers?

Carson is homophobic because he thinks children need both a mother and a father. – imagine, a whole nation full of homophobes. Trump doesn’t really love America, he’s just feeding his ego. – good luck with that one. And my favorite: Carson is an incompetent surgeon because he has been sued six times for malpractice. Gosh! Six times in only fifteen thousand brain surgeries. What a butcher!

For good measure, they also attack the integrity of all Republicans with the Ben Ghazi issue. Congressman Kevin McCarthy, the once presumptive Speaker of the House, created another tempest in the Washington teapot, by implying that the Ben Ghazi investigation was politically motivated. Highly sensitive liberal ears in Washington immediately perked up, and the Democrat attack team quickly went into action.

Democrats and their media compadres seized the moment to change the subject from Hillary’s irresponsible actions that caused the deaths of four Americans including our Libyan ambassador. Forgotten was her failure to listen to early warnings from our embassy. Forgotten was her failure to send help for the embattled Americans. And forgotten was the obscene lie promulgated by the entire administration that it was all caused by a video.

Meanwhile, out in the real America, millions of citizens are finally expressing their disgust with Washington. Non-politicians Trump, Carson, and Fiorino, along with Washington outcast Ted Cruz, are capturing the support of mainstream voters. The Washington power structure – including the Republican half – is petrified. These Tea Party type conservatives just don’t play fair anymore. They don’t seem to understand that the important thing is to get elected, not deliver on impractical promises.

Let us pray that this anti-establishment mood lasts through the next election. No doubt any of the Republican candidates would be preferable to any of the Democrats, but a career politician just means we will continue a little slower towards full government tyranny. There is no part of America that is functioning well right now. It may indeed be too late to restore Constitutional rule, but if we don’t immediately get radical change in our political direction, then even the smallest ray of hope is lost.

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