Go Donald Trump!

I never liked Donald Trump. I still don’t like Donald Trump. I doubt that I will ever like Donald Trump. But I sure like what he is saying.

Democrats, establishment Republicans, and the mainstream media are all petrified. Except for Ted Cruz, whom the media has managed to isolate as a lone wolf, not one of the Republican presidential candidates has done anything but patronize voters with tired, vacuous promises to ‘close the border’, ‘reduce the size of government’, and ‘restore American supremacy in the world’. Blah, blah, blah!

Now Trump comes along and does the unthinkable. He dispenses with the nauseating political correctness and carefully controlled responses of weak-kneed Republican candidates, and vocalizes what middle America is actually thinking. Trump is touching the anger and frustration that Americans feel towards a bureaucracy, political establishment, and judiciary that has been corrupted beyond redemption.

As the ruling establishment recoils in horror, Trump bluntly tells us how rich he is and why it matters. He can’t be bought! Nothing weakens the spine of ambitious politicians like the fear of losing their funding. Trump correctly says that all big campaign donors expect a return on their investment. That is common sense to the average voter, but saying it publicly has brought the full force of the Democrat and Republican ruling establishment down on him.

Desperately, they call him names, claim his supporters are ‘crazies’, and demand that he quit the race in order to save the country. When the establishment sniffs their ruling power being threatened, Democrats, Republicans, and the national media join together and circle the wagons. They are doing everything in their power to shut him up, and every day that he speaks only gives him more credibility with voters like me.

Maybe Donald Trump is the kind of man we need to clean out the putrid Washington cartel that is tyrannizing our country. The day he announced his candidacy it seemed unthinkable, but now I don’t know. Could he possibly do more damage than our community organizer President – or Hillary?

According to his detractors, the more he speaks, the more people will come to understand that he is just a self-serving, egotistical billionaire with foot in mouth, trying to buy the presidency. I disagree. He is injecting passion into the boring race for the presidency. If his words sometimes come out wrong, or he says something outrageous, so what! That’s what happens with me when I get fired up, and I think tens of millions of other ‘crazies’ are thinking the same way.

No matter how I feel about him personally, I think he loves our country, and truly believes he can flush out the Washington elitists and return the ruling of America back to the people. Except for Ted Cruz, I don’t hear any other candidate indicate that anything would be different in America with them as President.

An infamous southern Democrat once said ‘there ain’t a dimes worth of difference between the two parties.’ As a lifelong Republican, I no longer have the slightest idea what the party stands for. I know what they say they stand for, but talking and acting are two entirely different things. They have done nothing about Obamacare, the Supreme Court, ISIS, immigration, the border, the military, federal spending, or the threat to freedom of religion from gay marriage.

So, until some other candidate has a spine stiffening operation, I’ll take Donald Trump.

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