Germany – Scalia – Starbucks

In Germany, a hotel being converted into a refugee center for some of Prime Minister Angela Merkel’s millions of Muslim immigrants, has been destroyed by fire. German citizens stood by and cheered as the building burned. Clueless liberal politicians condemned the actions of the crowd, and called them heartless criminals.

I suppose looking in from the outside it is easier to see that Europe is under invasion. Nothing has happened like this since Adolph Hitler decided to take over the entire continent. Apparently still reeling from the horrors of Nazism, Merkel has decided to allow Europe to be taken over without a shot being fired.

The cold reality that they are losing their countries and their cultures to a swarm of immigrants who have no intention of ever giving up their own culture, is starting to hit home with working class citizens. Even as Americans are now revolting against establishment politicians who believe patriotism is a relic of America’s ‘dark age’, so Europeans will soon be revolting against their own elitist politicians.

President Obama and Democrat leaders are incensed that Republicans say they will filibuster any Supreme Court nominee he submits as a replacement for Antonin Scalia. We are supposed to believe presumably, that if Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died in George Bush’s last year, the Democrats would have sweetly acquiesced to the President’s nominee.

There was no single person in America more important to the preservation of our Constitution than Scalia. It is a disaster that he passed away during Obama’s presidency. Perhaps it’s just a fatalism brought on by the lameness of our Republican Congress, but the feeling persists that the Democrats will surely find a way to get another liberal activist on the bench to replace Scalia before Obama leaves office.

Then Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, says the bombastic rhetoric in the presidential campaign is causing him ‘grave concern’ about the future of America. As a strong supporter of Barack Obama – and if possible an even more radical ideologue – Schultz is frightened half to death of having a Republican President who will actually defend the Constitution.

As the CEO of one of the most popular name brands in the country, Schultz has done more for the liberal transformation of America than any other business leader. He comes across as almost virulently anti-Christian, and if he has his way, the First Amendment will be turned on its head, and the government will actually take over religion in the name of tolerance.

If Christians ever decide to fight back against the growing intolerance towards their faith, Starbucks would be a perfect place to start. They supported the gay marriage crowd several years ago when they tried to boycott Chick-fil-A. That one backfired when Christians turned out in droves to support the chicken restaurant. Then he attempted make his employees discuss racial tension in America with patrons. That one also backfired when even his yuppiest customers objected to being forced to stir their morning coffee with Schultz’s liberal stick.

Turning the tables with a Christian boycott of Starbucks, would send a message throughout the entire grievance community. According to government figures, there are more than two hundred million Christians. So whose boycott has the most chance of making an impact? No one wants to deprive any minority of their legitimate rights, but majority rule is the foundation of a democracy, and thanks to the radical left legal community, its been taking a beating lately.

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