From Farce to the Sublime

Every time there is another terrorist attack we have to listen to President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry issue strong condemnations and deliver spurious promises that the the perpetrators will be punished. Pledging solidarity with France, and vowing to bring the ‘radical terrorists’ to justice, they have deplored the ‘senseless acts of violence’ in the strongest possible terms. Between the two leaders they must have the terrorists scared out of their wits.

Is this response beginning to sound familiar to anyone else? If I was into research, I believe I could find a dozen or more times that we have heard the same tune from our dynamic leaders. Off the top of my head I am thinking of Fort Hood, the ‘red line’ with Syrian gas attacks, Ben Ghazi, the mass kidnapping of children by Boko Haram in Nigeria followed by the murder of over 2,000 people, Charlie Hebdo in Paris, and the slaughter of 147 Christians in Kenya.

In each case we heard the same hollow words from our comatose leaders: We will have justice! We will have revenge! We will not allow ‘criminals’ to terrorize us!…But wait: Let’s make sure we don’t paint blame with a broad brush… It is not Islam – the religion of peace!… It is not Muslims, who only want to live in peace, just like us!… Incidents like this – by lone wolf radicals – must not be blamed on Islam.

The President of France labeled the Paris attack an “act of war”, while Obama assured us that it is just a little “setback”. According to our President, the fight against terrorism is going well, and our continued air attacks are weakening them by the day. In fact, the ISIS ‘junior varsity’ now “controls less territory than they did last year”.

Just to show how confident he is, Obama is not going to let a handful of criminal terrorists cause him to back down from his open door policy for Syrian refugees. The fact that the mastermind of the Paris attacks was a recent arrival from Syria is of no significance to the man elected to keep America safe. To prove how fearless he is, he wants to increase the number of allowable refugees from 10,000 to 100,000.

Although the realization is coming to more Americans every day, most have been unable to accept the glaringly obvious fact that we have a President who does not like America. Even though he has stated openly and often that his goal is to ‘fundamentally transform America’, most people still want to believe that he intended to strengthen our country with his transformation.

In reality, every single action Obama has taken since becoming President has been harmful to America. It is simply unthinkable to most Americans that he could actually be purposefully tearing our country apart, yet each inexplicable thing he has done in the last seven years, only makes sense in that light. He may indeed be delusional, but in his mind the transformation of America is taking place exactly as he had planned.

So we have a President who despises America as it was founded, allowing an unlimited flow of immigrants into our country, while lecturing us on ‘who we are as a people’. Forcing Muslims to denounce Sharia – which dictates death to homosexuals, slave status for women, and the killing of all infidels and apostates – before allowing them to enter the United States, is somehow antithetical to the traditional American values that Barack Obama just happens to detest.

Barack Obama functioning as president of our constitutional republic, has blossomed into the greatest farce that has ever played out on the American people. Bullying his way through two terms with only the most faint-hearted opposition from Republicans, it is only natural that the long running farce would eventually devolve into the sublime.

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