France and Syria

Regarding the recent terrorist attack in Paris, a few observations leap out at us. First, we now know that the ringleader of the attacks had recently come to France posing as a refugee from the Syrian civil war. We also know that since the attacks, more than twenty Syrians have been apprehended trying to enter the U.S. with fake passports.

Despite the clear threat to American security, Obama is still set on allowing 10,000 Syrians to enter the U.S. His claim that all those entering are being thoroughly vetted and pose no possible threat to America, is absolutely preposterous. Yet the ‘emperor with no clothes’ goes about his business of tearing down America, while the opposition party piddles about with feckless rhetoric.

Secondly, France has no second amendment right to bear arms. I wonder how the attack might have turned out differently if a few Parisians had been packing when the action started. Certainly in America there is every reason to believe that the casualty toll would have been significantly less if the terrorists had come under fire before the police arrived.

But what’s really puzzling, is how the attacks even happened? Aren’t we told incessantly by liberals, that we need to take guns out of the hands of the people in order to make America a safer place? Don’t we constantly get chastised by the Democrat elites, that we are the only industrialized country in the world that allows law abiding ‘loonies’ to carry guns? Yes indeed, if we would just listen to the liberal gun banners, America could one day be as safe as France.

And finally, I’m thinking about Obama’s reaction to terrorism compared to President Hollande’s. To be sure, France was the one who was hit, and it’s expected that they would threaten the strongest retaliation. However, to hear our President refer to it as a ‘setback’ in his little personal plan to contain ‘radical terrorism’, (note: not Islamic or Muslim) while Hollande declares war and orders immediate airstrikes, is to embarrass America in front of the world.

But again: the puzzle. France bombed the ISIS headquarters, training facility, ammunition stores and petroleum reserves… What!?… Headquarters, training, ammunition, petroleum!? Obama has been ordering strategic airstrikes against ISIS for a year. What have we been bombing – tents and camels?

Events are moving quickly in America and the world. It seems that America is consistently on the wrong side or makes the wrong decision, both domestically and with foreign affairs. It is apparent to everyone except our President, that without a strong America, world order is devolving into chaos. Somehow we have to survive fourteen more months of Obama’s transformational leadership… God help us!

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