Fourteenth Amendment

I am reprinting an article I wrote in August of 2015. Trump was being slammed for his opposition to pregnant women sneaking into America and having babies which automatically were accepted as American citizens. The massive number of children now being smuggled into the United States is essentially the same principle, as once they are legally accepted, all of their family will be allowed to ‘reunite’ with them.

In his own inarticulate way, Donald Trump keeps trashing political correctness and speaking the truth. Now it’s the fourteenth amendment. For liberals, the most sacred words in all of the Constitution are found in section one: equal protection of the laws. With this one mystical phrase, liberals are ruling America.

Trump maintains that the Constitution does not intend to grant citizenship to babies born in America where our immigration laws have been violated. But when it comes to the importation of more Democrat voters, liberal politicians, media pundits, and prissy professors of law, suddenly become strict constructionists and opine teary-eyed over the sanctity of our Constitution. They all seem to be of the opinion that if someone sneaks into your house, you not only have to allow them to stay, but accept them as a full member of your family.

The fourteenth amendment has become a magic hat for left-wing judges across America. As the jurists become braver and braver at making their own law, they routinely pluck opaque rulings from the beguiling amendment, and leave us incredulous as to what might pop out next.

Section one of the fourteenth amendment was enacted in 1868 for one simple and clear reason: to ensure that freed slaves have the same rights as all American citizens. Yet section one, which is referred to as the ‘equal protection clause’, has become Tinkerbell’s wand for liberal justices who wish to enact their own political agenda into law.

With legal legerdermain, the judges leave Americans open-mouthed as they peel off the napkin, and rights to abortion and gay marriage appear before our astonished eyes. As judicial tyranny becomes a reality, we can only look on helplessly while our liberty and the democratic process vanish in a puff of smoke. For in the real world, little can be done to reign in the Constitutional contempt of rogue judges – especially when you don’t even try.

Left-wing radicals, who can twist legal logic for virtually any liberal cause, are unable to accept the clear intent of the fourteenth amendment. Would anyone with half a brain believe that our Constitution requires us to reward people who violate our laws? Yet, they demand that we violate every precept of common sense by accepting anchor babies and their entire extended family as legal citizens.

The same judges who can find rights to abortion, gay marriage, and Obamacare, with smoke, mirrors, and a little pixie dust from the fourteenth amendment, tell us we have to accept blatant law breakers as our fellow citizens. Be assured that if anchor baby families were expected to register Republican, liberal judges would have them on a plane back to their country of origin before you could say presto!

With all that is going wrong in America today, it is difficult to track back to a single cause. However, judicial tyranny looks like a good starting point. Our country’s founders never intended for the judiciary to have the power they do today. They recognized the danger of any one branch of government becoming all-powerful, but never imagined it would be the judiciary.

Typically, politicians shy away from the issue of judicial power. None of them can be depended upon to tackle any problem that doesn’t serve their own hold on power. Sooner rather than later, the American people will have to take on the issue, and either rise up in peaceful revolt, or passively submit to full government tyranny.

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