Evolving on Immigration

According to Mitt Romney, we Republicans need to swallow hard, and beat the Democrats to the punch with amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens. Yes, according to Romney, there is no longer a point to demanding that the laws of America be respected, since the opposition is routinely gaining political advantage by violating even the Constitution. Presumably, Romney fantasizes that by joining the ‘no respect for the law’ crowd, he will gain enough votes to give him the presidential office that eluded him in 2012.

Politically, I can’t think of anything sadder than a decent person compromising their values in order to gain votes. I don’t know who these mysterious voters are that will desert their patron Democrats to vote for Romney, but he must imagine that they are legion. He must also be blessedly unaware of how many of us conservatives had to swallow hard, to vote for him in 2012.

With both Romney and Jeb Bush now advocating pardons for millions of lawbreakers, look for them to get an easy ride through the primary battles. Much like John McCain in 2010, they will become the liberal media darlings of the GOP – at least until they receive the nomination and then get dumped for Hillary.

As far as conservatives were concerned, in the past presidential election Mitt had one shoe stuck firmly in the mud with state run healthcare in Massachusetts, and now he has managed to entrap the other one with amnesty. Apparently, it has yet to occur to him that four million Republicans stayed home in 2012, because they did not believe he was a true conservative.

After a recent trip to the Bahamas, I waited two hours to get through U.S. Customs on my return. It’s hard to imagine any politician arguing on my behalf, had I purposefully avoided Customs and sneaked back into my own country without a declaration of foreign purchases, and a search of my luggage. Yet residents of other countries will not only be forgiven for violating our laws, but rewarded for their illegal actions with benefits and citizenship.

From the President, to the States and the judiciary, are their any leaders of either party, who still have respect for the laws of our land? It appears today that political expediency and posturing for the media, are the values our politicians revere the most.

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