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Since it’s founding in the 1950’s by William F. Buckley Jr., National Review has been considered the leading academic publication of conservative thought. Today they came out with an entire issue dedicated to stopping Donald Trump.

Twenty-two leading conservative commentators voiced their disapproval of Trump. Though I did not read the articles, I am well aware of their positions, and only surprised that they would go to such lengths to undermine the massive legion of Trump supporters.

Rich Lowry, editor of the magazine, says Trump is not a true conservative, and naïve supporters could find a President Trump doing the opposite of what he is promising. In other words, he could end up being like all the other ‘conservative’ Republicans we have elected.

Lowry goes on to say that Trump could be a strong executive who forces his will on America. Sure, he could end up being another Obama – except trying to rebuild America instead of tearing it down. National review does not like the idea of a strong President – even a Republican – and would apparently prefer that the country be run by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

The idea that liberals need to be fought by using their own methods, never seems to occur to the Republican establishment. While we are holding fast to the Marquis of Queensbury Rules, liberals are kicking, eye-gouging, and “bringing a gun to the knife fight.” So it is hardly a surprise that Republicans and conservatives lose every single fight.

The twenty-two writers are as much a part of the power establishment in Washington as the politicians and bureaucrats. None are what we would call liberals, or even Rhinos, but as with each of us, self-interest comes into play. Each writer has carved out a respected niche for themselves among the political shakers and movers, and the unpredictable Donald Trump has them in a panic.

None seem to understand that this is not so much a conservative movement as it is an anti-establishment statement. Along with the rest of Congress, My own senator, Marco Rubio, and congressman Carlos Curbelo, have done nothing that they said they would when they were asking for my support – and my money. So what reason is there to believe that President Rubio would be any different with even more power.

While I respect the intelligence and writing ability of all the columnists, a supercilious conceit exudes from their distaste for Trump. They either directly or by innuendo, charge that; Trump supporters are naïve rubes being taken in by a calculating humbugger, who has the simpletons blinded by his slippery promise to ‘make America great again’.

So, do I trust Trump? Of course not! Trump is a deal maker, and while I am not so worried about the deals he might make with China or Iran, I am very concerned about what kind of deals he might make with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Do I trust any of the candidates running for president? Of course not! But like the old saying Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me, I would rather be taken in by the bamboozler I don’t know, than be tricked once again by someone I already know to be deceptive.

I suppose the message being sent by Trump supporters is just too simple for the conservative intellectuals who continue to bash the Donald. By this time you would expect every person even remotely connected to politics – especially the conservative talking heads – to understand, that the more they criticize him, the stronger his support.

I started out liking what Trump was saying, but never imagining him as President. But now that I see establishment conservatives joining with liberals to defeat him, I get an even stronger feeling that it’s all the Washington insiders against the rest of us.

Worse, I am feeling that the billionaire egotist is actually one of us, and unlike the Washington crowd, is concerned enough for the future of America to endure the scorn of the mainstream media. So no more ‘leading from behind’, and no more leading from the middle like Republican politicians. If America is truly to become great again, we need a leader out front on his stallion with sabre flashing.

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