Death of Religious Freedom

If the history books are ever again written without political bias, the new millennium will be recorded as ushering in the death of religious freedom in America. Facilitated by a handful of ideology driven judges, gay marriage is the bullet to the head for religious freedom.

In abject violation of the 1rst amendment, courts and governing bodies across the nation are already ordering such unconstitutional atrocities as a husband and wife bakery team to do a gay wedding cake, a Christian family’s rental barn to be used for a gay wedding, and a great grandmother to arrange the flowers at a gay wedding.

Once gay marriage is fully legalized, the courts will almost certainly order churches to acquiesce, or lose their charities, hospitals, schools, and tax exempt status. Denials by proponents notwithstanding, gay ‘rights’ advocates fully understand that the real issue is not marriage, but fundamentally changing the values that govern our society. What they want is full acceptance of homosexuality, and that can never come if religions are allowed to exclude them.

There is little doubt that gay marriage has won the day. Politicians run from the issue, and our President and judges with increasing bombast, have become ever braver at redefining constitutions to suit their own political agendas. Democrats have now fully embraced the gay agenda in their coalition of ‘victims’, and establishment Republicans – always fearful of taking a stand on social issues – dismiss it as another lost cause, and time to ‘move on’.

In the history of America, citizens have never been more fearful of speaking out than they are today. Proponents of traditional marriage are portrayed as homophobes and right wing haters. The debate seems one-sided because most people – and especially Christians – shy away from such hurtful personal confrontations, while liberal activists and a supportive national media feast on ad hominem attacks that make their opponents feel uncomfortable.

Sadly, the American family has been going down the wrong road for a half century, and gay marriage simply speeds us along the path. Dependency on big government has replaced the necessity for family support in difficult times, and children are schooled to believe the ‘human village’ is more important than the individual family. As a myriad of marital combinations become legal under the new ‘fairness standard’, marriage as a civil union under law will almost certainly cease to exist, and the joining of a man and woman into a family unit will become just another sacrament of the church like communion and baptism.

I am neither a pessimist nor an optimist about the future of America, but rather a realist. Ever more quickly, government is taking over our lives. The 2014 election will be seen as a blip on the road to tyranny rather than a turning point in America. Unelected bureaucrats make laws that only working people must obey, the American Bar Association and its massive army of attorneys have absolute control of our entire legal system, half of America pays no taxes while public employee unions drain the lifeblood from those that do, and our elitist politicians prove daily that they see themselves as above the law.

Anyone who thinks these fundamental violations of our Constitutional liberties are a step in the right direction for a free country, is living a life of blessed oblivion. America was founded by people escaping religious persecution, and has survived for 500 years with religious freedom. Today Christians are again under attack, as the pendulum of history seems to be swinging back once more.

For those who need a ray of optimism to survive, the long view of history tells us that societal norms move in cycles, and if America survives as a free nation, there will eventually be a renewed recognition of the importance of the traditional family for a stable and free America.

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