Continuing War on Governor Scott

One thing we have to give liberals and their partners in the media credit for is persistence. Governor Rick Scott has done everything right for the State of Florida, but that means nothing to the rabid public employee unions and the Miami Herald. No matter that Florida has a budget surplus, no matter that Florida has low unemployment, and no matter that Scott recently won re-election. Liberals are never happy unless they have a politically correct suck-up in charge like Barack Obama or Charlie Christ.

The latest attack on Scott is hilarious. Some disgruntled minor bureaucrat in the Department of Environmental Protection who lost his job, has charged Scott with not allowing State employees to say the words ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’. True to their nature, liberals – including the Miami Herald – care nothing about truth, but jump to the attack on any story that they see as harmful to conservatives.

Since liberals are completely incapable of feeling shame, and never admit they were wrong on anything, it is a small matter to add one more unfounded accusation to the dozens of false charges they have been outraged over in recent years. Governor Scott denies the accusation, but even if the charge was true, who would really care except liberals on a jihad against all Republicans. Liberals have already been proven so wrong on global warming that they changed the name of their gold digging mission to ‘climate change’.

The hypocrisy of liberals is unlimited. They have no problem with banning words, speech, books, and even God, as long as the censorship is in line with politically correct, liberal views. Their dictionary of unacceptable words and phrases is growing by the day, and may soon be offered as a college major. They think nothing of rewriting politically correct versions of classic books like Huckleberry Finn, and posture sanctimoniously about banning school textbooks that portray George Washington and other founding fathers as heroes.

‘Free speech’ to liberals is nothing more than a jingo which allows them to say anything they please, while everything said counter to their self-righteous posturing is the equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theater or reinstituting slavery. They no more believe in ‘free speech’ as intended by the Constitution, than Barack Obama believes in American exceptionalism.

So let’s see. Hundreds of thousands of Obama administration employees – including the military – are forbidden to utter the factually correct words ‘Islamic terrorists’, but we are supposed to be outraged over an unfounded allegation that Florida State employees are not supposed to refer to the discredited term ‘global warming’…How do they keep a straight face?

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