Collegiate Nonsense

With all the foolishness that goes on in colleges these days, it’s hard to pick out the most ridiculous incident. In fact, what is happening at the University of Wisconsin is so absurd that I’m not totally sure it isn’t a parody from Saturday Night Live.

Apparently some really ‘sick’ student has been chalk writing hate messages on the sidewalks throughout the campus. Vicious catch phrases like vote Trump, all lives matter, and stop illegal immigration, have sent certain ‘communities’ within the university into extreme sensitivity shock. Some of the tender little rosebuds were so appalled that they were in need of therapy after happening upon the repulsive “micro-aggressions.”

The University swiftly mobilized its Hate Response Team (SNL?) to investigate, and bring comfort to the traumatized students. A message from the HRT said, “While we respect peoples’ right to express their opinions, we also recognize that some communities on campus experience these messages as discriminatory or hostile. If you experience any bigotry on or off campus, please turn to trusted friends and/or campus resources for support. Again, please remember that members of our Hate Response Team are here to support the individual and collective impacted by hate/bias and to stand up against all forms of oppression.”

Aww, how comforting! It is so nice to know that a Hate Response Team is on duty to protect our precious little babies from abhorrent bigots who might disagree with them. One can only imagine what it must do to their delicate psyches to have someone insinuate they might be wrong about certain things.

I mean, what next? If they allow this kind of hateful rhetoric to go unpunished, the next thing you know they might start bringing opposing opinions right into the classroom! That could destroy the whole purpose of our university system, which is to indoctrinate our fragile millennials into the glories of socialism – with a little ‘bad America’ and ‘hateful Christians’ thrown in on the side.

Across the nation, students are bullying spineless college administrators with their inane liberal demands. Conservatives are mocked and refused the right to speak, Christians are banned from campuses, the most innocent actions are deemed hate speech, and racial stereotyping can be anything from sporting dreadlocks to wearing a sombrero. Nothing the intolerant students say or do, is ever fatuous enough to motivate trembling professors to stand up for the Constitution and common sense.

How we ask, did these kids become like this? Who are the parents that ingrained in them such a sense of entitlement and superiority? There seems to be a study of everything these days, I wonder if one can tell us what kind of families these spoiled rotten children came from? Without question, this crop of attention starved elitist children, didn’t come from conservative, private sector families.

Certainly pre-college educators have a huge share of the blame, though the relentless breakdown in our culture has pretty much forced them to the left. In particular, the complete breakdown in classroom discipline has put the students in control of the schools. The respect that was demanded for the authority of a teacher no longer exists. Influenced by the cultural deterioration and our liberal media, parents now routinely undermine teachers by taking the side of their unruly children, and attempting to discipline any minority student can bring an instant charge of racism for the hapless educator.

Scarier still, the budding left-wing fascists whining about on our campuses, will be the college professors of tomorrow. The pot crazed hippies and LSD trippers of yesterday that have taken over our higher education system, are in charge of picking professors and administrators for the next generation. Worse, with the liberal legal community hampering every attempt to fix a broken system, it is highly improbable that Trump or anyone else can do anything about it.

Our education system is as much a part of the establishment as the Washington politicians, the federal bureaucracy, and the liberal media. They all will fight to the death to maintain their positions of privilege in our society. With our corrupted legal system firmly behind them, it’s hard to imagine the direction of America changing without some form of peaceful anarchy by the working majority.

I have never been a fan of Donald Trump, and remain that way even as he has won the nomination. Yet, there is not a single other person who has the potential to upset the establishment applecart. I don’t know what other choice we have as Americans, except to support Trump for President and pray for the best.

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