Christian Martyrs

When Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in Arizona by a mentally deranged person, Democrat politicians and the entire liberal media placed the blame on talk radio and conservative politicians. They charged that the Rush Limbaughs of America were spewing a message of hate toward Democrats that was influencing people like the shooter, and that Republican politicians like Sarah Palin were encouraging the violence with subliminal messaging such as bullseye targets on political advertising.

In South Carolina nine Christians were murdered as they worshipped in a Methodist church. Because the Christians were African American, President Obama and the usual race hustlers did their best to gin up a racial confrontation. Like true Christians, the church members and family offered forgiveness rather than retribution, and the race mongers turned their attention to the innocuous Confederate flag.

In the Middle East, Christians are tortured and murdered on a daily basis by Muslim fanatics. The President steadfastly refuses to recognize that it is religious persecution, and maintains that criminals are co-opting the faith of Islam to do their murdering. Meanwhile Obama does nothing to support the dwindling Christian population in those countries.

In America, left-wing radicals have an ongoing war against Christian values using same-sex marriage as the sword. Liberal politicians and judges accuse Christians of being intolerant forces of hate. Their rhetoric is non-stop and highly publicized by the liberal media as they seek out self-righteous, power-crazed judges willing to overrule democratic votes of citizens and throw harmless Christians into jail.

In Oregon we now have nine college students murdered because they were Christians. Before the carnage was even cleared, President Obama addressed the killings as a gun issue, and somehow missed the fact that they were killed for being Christians. Once again the President exploited the creed of liberalism, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

So when is it that President Obama and his liberal entourage are forced to admit that Christians are the target? According to left-wing radicals who are now controlling the direction of our country, every word that comes out of a conservative mouth is some form of micro-aggression with a subliminal message of hate. Yet liberals studiously ignore the possibility that their own message of hate toward Christians has spawned a volatile atmosphere for peaceful followers of Christ, and a social divide that has not been seen in America since the days of slavery.

The never-ending demonization of Christians by the left has created a religious battlefield in America – the one country in the world that was actually founded on the principle of ‘religious freedom’. Islam is safe from this persecution because cowardly liberals always go after the soft target, and Muslims cut your head off if you criticize the teachings of Muhammad.

Tennessee Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey says Christians now need to arm themselves. So far, I am not prepared to advocate carrying a gun, but Christians do need to start fighting back with every peaceful means, including civil disobedience like Martin Luther King, and Kim Davis – the Kentucky clerk who went to jail rather than violate her Christian conscience.

Those who think the radical left’s fight against Christianity ended with the Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage, need to get their heads out of the sand. The war on Cristianity and Judeo-Christian values, is only at it’s beginning. Get prepared to pick a side, because left-wing radicals allow for no middle ground.

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