Christian Holocaust

As I write, Christians across the Middle East are being annihilated with beheadings and other sick forms of abuse and murder that are unimaginable to civilized human beings. Though the killers are systematically carrying out this jihad against Christians in the name of Allah, our president refuses to recognize them as anything except ‘radicals’ targeting random victims.

Before Obama no one would ever have predicted that America would sit back as thousands of Christians are publicly exterminated. What kind of outrage would it take for President Obama to mobilize our Special Forces for lightning strikes against these vicious animals? Does anyone doubt that if Christians started rounding up Muslims and beheading them, the President would have Army Rangers on the scene within hours?

Indeed, is there anything outrageous enough to force the President into taking military action? Thomas Sowell, an intellectual giant and African American, says his biggest fear today is that the Islamic terrorists will set off a nuclear device, and President Obama will be too paralyzed to respond. Until he said this, I never thought about the possibility. But, what exactly would be his response if Tel Aviv or even San Diego were incinerated?

That we are not delivering death and destruction to these fanatics is unconscionable. A handful of safe drone attacks and air strikes only make us look like a paper tiger that is fearful of risking a single life to defeat a growing horde of demented religious zealots. The insane political correctness now ruling our country, is telling our enemies that Americans no longer see anything worth dying for.

This same lack of action is allowing millions of aliens to illegally cross our southern border, including tens of thousands of drug gang members and other criminals. No one knows who, or how many, are pouring into our country, and our Washington politicians don’t care enough to take any action other than rhetoric.

Ambitious politicians like Hilary Clinton, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush believe Americans should embrace these lawbreakers, and somehow they will revitalize America. Exactly how forty million or so uneducated, Democrat voting, welfare recipients, will bring about this amazing transformation in America is left unsaid. I suppose we are also asked to believe that no Islamic terrorists are among those violating our borders.

Unless we act swiftly and decisively, routine terrorism will soon come to our Country. Our Washington politicians responsible for the mess, will then call on us common citizens to rally around them, and submit to more government tyranny. The airport security checks could look like a breeze compared to getting into a shopping mall, movie theatre, or football game. If you can’t imagine our military guarding gas stations, restaurants, and schools, then take a closer look at what everyday life is like in Israel.

If you are waiting for Congress to act without the President, think again. The current Republican Congress is shaping up to be the lamest, most helpless majority party in American history, with the weakest leaders ever.

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