Chickens Come Home to Roost

Today’s special target for liberals and the media is that notorious hotbed of racism, the University of Missouri. An elite group of intellectuals from the UM football team has detected a shocking undercurrent of ‘white privilege’ dominating life at the diseased educational establishment.

With a prescience befitting their scholarship status, the athletes determined the University President was responsible for allowing the racism to persist, and indeed was found to be a racist himself. In a masterful interpretation of a single sentence spoken by the President while addressing their concerns, the students realized that the chancellor was accusing them of being responsible for 1) racism on campus 2) changing the racism 3) defaming the Confederate flag 4) and the loss to Mississippi State.

Anyway, the players determined he was not only a racist, but also responsible for their horrible team record and had to be fired. Joined by liberal professors, long frustrated at having missed the glory days of campus protests in the 1960’s, they issued a list of eight demands which boiled down to: more money for all things African American, and the firing of the President.

Like the President of Harvard who was fired for having the temerity to suggest that men and women are different, President Timothy Wolfe did not understand that he was among the ‘walking dead’. In the leftist world of higher education, no one survives a campus protest. Sensing blood in the water, pampered professors quickly turned on one of their own, and staked out the high ground on the side of the student protestors.

The following morning Wolfe was gone. With a resign or be fired decision in front of him, he chose to surrender, and hopefully protect his pension and benefits. Across the nation, panicky college presidents are huddling to institute new sensitivity programs and direct more money towards minority hiring lest they be the next one targeted, and tenured professors are rushing from their cushy offices to stand with the winning side.

As with every protest by leftists, lies are accepted as truth, and truth is twisted to absurd lengths. The swastika drawn on a dorm wall with human feces almost certainly never existed. Pick-up trucks flying around campus with confederate flags never happened. The Ku Klux Klan does not have a chapter on campus as claimed by the student body president. Random cries of the n-word from dark corners of the campus have no basis in fact. And of course, the charge of ‘white privilege’ is nothing more than another hollow liberal term used to incite racial tension, like ‘black lives matter’, and ‘hands up, don’t shoot’.

The entire University of Missouri fiasco is stupidity on stage. That it is happening at an institution of higher learning is outrageous enough, but the moronic protestations by young people who are supposed to be our best and brightest is simply embarrassing. Throw in a few groupie professors calling for ‘muscle’ to oust the reporters, and a campus police department urging students to report anything mean that has been said to them, and it becomes the latest farce that entertains America on the nightly news.

So far, the university President, the Chancellor, and a professor have lost their jobs over a scammed up charge of racial bias at a major institution of higher learning. As a Christian, I wish I could drum up some sympathy for the three lives that have needlessly been wrecked. The President and Chancellor ran for their professional lives at the first sound of conflict, and the immature professor got caught up in the protest excitement like a country girl at her first fraternity party.

But, sorry! I can’t gin up the sympathy. They only got what they deserved. Or as a notorious minister once said, ‘the chickens have come home to roost’! Old hippie professors, and latter day anarchists have turned our college campuses into propaganda factories for radical leftists who want one more try at turning America into a socialist role model for the world. The current crop of agitators fully expected to be the crowned leaders of the new utopia.

But wait! Something went wrong at Mizzou. The President and Chancellor – full-fledged members of education’s domineering left-wing – were forced to resign because they were Caucasians who failed to adequately confess that they had their exalted positions because of ‘white privilege’. Worse, Professor Melissa Click, who jumped in with the protestors and advocated force to run off a reporter, has been forced to resign. I’m sure that even now she is waiting for her fellow protestors to rally to her defense. Sorry Melissa. Wrong color.

The temptation is to let out a little hee, hee, hee. But the sickness that has taken over the educational system, is so symptomatic of the values crisis infecting all of America, that the very future of a free country is in peril. The lunatics have taken over the asylum, and anyone who does not fear for the direction of America, is either blissfully ignorant, or has their head stuck firmly in the sand.

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