Carson and Rubio – the difference

Donald Trump was prevented from speaking at a rally in Chicago. Protestors, many of whom were paid to gin up a violent display, pushed and taunted police until the Trump people were forced to cancel the rally for the sake of safety.

Fox news interviewed both Marco Rubio and Ben Carson about the fact that Trump’s freedom of speech was violated, as well as the rights of thousands to hear him speak. The difference in their responses was obvious, and clearly exposed the contrast between an establishment politician who is out of touch with mainstream America, and an outsider who clearly sees what is really wrong in America.

Rubio mouthed the usual platitudes about free speech and how sad it is that a speaker is prevented from exercising his first amendment right. To his credit, he also pointed out that Chicago is known for this type of radical behavior, and professional protestors are routinely trotted out to oppose anything that threatens the welfare state. He then went immediately to the politically correct core of establishment thinking; the rights of the protestors and Trump’s blame for inciting such behavior.

By the next day, Rubio was joining Ted Cruz and John Kasich, as well as all Democrats and the mainstream media, in a chorus placing the full blame squarely on Trump. It is sickening to see so called conservatives siding with the same liberals who believe in shutting down the free speech of those who don’t bow down to their country destroying, political correctness. Rubio’s reaction is a perfect example of what we get with professional politicians.

Rubio’s true political colors started showing with his ‘gang of eight’ amnesty fiasco, but they are now in full view for all conservatives to judge. There is a massive divide in America between those who rule and those who produce the wealth that allows them their power. Rubio has failed to learn anything from the Trump phenomenon, and has been unable to grasp the fact that he is viewed as part of the problem, not the solution.

Ben Carson, on the other hand diagnosed the issue perfectly, and showed why so many of us think he would have made a fine president. He made no excuse for the protestors, and not only placed the blame on the left-wing fascists themselves, but on all those who encourage such behavior, including the media and educators. When asked by Megyn Kelly how a soft-spoken, thinking man like himself, could side with a bombastic person like Trump, he again gave the politically incorrect answer by saying such anti-American behavior needs to be confronted in many different ways.

What Donald Trump has done, is force everyone to take a side. Compromise and crossing the aisle, are weasel words from career politicians, and avoid the inconvenient fact that no one trusts our elected leaders to undo the reprehensible damage that has been done to America. The divide is now so great, that working people want someone as far removed from our political establishment as possible – even someone as pompous and bombastic as Trump.

It is another political lie that Trump is divisive and playing off the fear and anger of an ignorant working class. It is exactly the opposite scenario. The divide created by our establishment rulers has spawned Donald Trump. He is not the cause of the anger, but the recipient of it. It could easily have been a Ben Carson, but his mild demeanor does not fit the angry temperament of fed up Americans.

Despite how thankful I am for Donald Trump, I can’t quite bring myself to support him for the nomination. I still believe the greatest threat facing our country is the fracturing of our Constitution, allowing our leaders to ignore any laws they don’t like. Unless we have a supreme court that quits putting their own political interpretations into the Constitution, America is doomed to be a country run by the courts, bureaucrats, and political correctness.

The next president could have multiple Supreme Court appointments, and as disgusted as I am with the Ted Cruz campaign rhetoric, I still believe he will appoint true Constitutionalists to the bench. Whatever else he may be able to accomplish I don’t know, but like President Obama, he will have a pen and will undoubtedly use it.

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