Another Loss For Republicans

It appears that Republicans have now lost on illegal immigration. Unlike liberals who fight to the death on all their issues, Republicans engage in mild word battles for a while, and then throw in the towel and join up with the winners.

Illegal immigration can now be included in the liberal win column, joining abortion, the budget, gay marriage, and Constitutional irrelevancy. Democrats never have to win the argument, they just have to have to wear down Republicans with persistence, and make sure their judges are put in office.

Among the hundreds of Republicans vying for the 2016 presidential nomination, there are none who demand respect for our laws. In one form or another each now supports the Democrat position of amnesty for illegal aliens and a path to citizenship.

How many new welfare recipients we taxpaying Americans get to support is anybody’s guess. All we hear from our politicians are lies and deceptions. Five million, eleven million, thirty million, a hundred million? No one knows what the real number will be when all family members are allowed to join their new American relatives. Suffice to say that it is tens of millions more than deceitful politicians will ever admit to.

While Republicans have now given up on amnesty, we still have to listen to their hollow braying about closing the border first. Sure they will! No one believes that will happen, least of all several hundred million Hispanics who know all they have to do is get here and will eventually be accepted.

Hispanics are now the largest minority in America, and growing rapidly. When the new group of illegals becomes legal, they will be the majority in the American Southwest. Mandatory efforts to Americanize them are now considered discriminatory and demeaning to their culture. So, how long before militant separatists start demanding and receiving, their own slice of America?

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