Angry America

I just finished listening to Marco Rubio being interviewed by Bill O’Reilly. Responding to the unexpected (by the media and political class) support Donald Trump is receiving throughout America, Rubio maintains that Trump is just tapping into the ‘frustration Americans are feeling towards a congress that has not delivered on its conservative promises’.

Rubio says Trump is feeding off the anger, but that America is not an angry country, and he prefers to work with optimism. The Senator claims Trump is off base in promising to make America great again, because America is already great. He knows that because everyone still wants to come to our great country.

Rubio is counting on winning the Presidency by being the calm conservative who can work the political process to solve the nation’s problems. He is smoothly selling the idea that America is basically fine, and the republicanized ‘hope and change’ he can bring will solve nagging problems like ‘anchor babies’ and a judiciary that is legislating rather than adjudicating.

Wake up Senator! I am angry! America is angry! You are the problem. You are the Congress that has not delivered. Trying to remove yourself from the conservative legislators who have not delivered on their promises only makes you sound like President Obama.

I once thought Marco Rubio could be the next Reagan. I heard him speak at a rally in St. Augustine when he was a long shot to even get the Republican senatorial nomination from Florida. He was then full of anger at what Washington was doing to America, and assured us that that he would make a difference if we elected him. Now he’s sounding more like the typical slick politician who is hedging his conservative credentials so he doesn’t offend anyone who might vote next year.

There is a lot to admire about Senator Rubio, and he would undoubtedly be a far better President than most of the candidates – maybe even better than Trump. However, like all politicians who become part of the Washington power establishment, he can no longer feel the pulse of America.

Americans know that we are on a downhill slide. There is not one area in which we are heading in the right direction. Everything is not fine Senator! Maybe we are still the best country in the world, but it doesn’t feel like it will be that way for much longer.

I am just a regular citizen and businessman, but I am angry at what’s happening to my country. I don’t want a presidential candidate who is peddling patronizing promises, neither do I want some politician patting me on the head and saying ”everything will be alright”. I want someone in charge who is just as angry as I am.

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