After San Bernardino

It doesn’t take long after a terror attack for the liberal media and the Democrat Party to start in on damage control. In fact, they were so quick with their responses, that it was obvious they were already prepared. President Obama’s recent statement that ISIS is weakening notwithstanding, liberals knew we were due after the Paris attack.

As they always do, liberals immediately set out to assign blame everywhere except where it belonged. Take your choice, it covers the full realm of liberal excuses: The terrorists were offended by a ‘holiday’ party. (Darn! It would have played much better if it had been a ‘Christmas’ party?)…Workplace violence…Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric…An ‘all-American type boy’ being radicalized by his new wife…The Republican Congress refusing to work with the President… Global warming making the Middle East inhospitable…and the old standby – Republican failure to enact gun control.

Noticeably missing was any reference to radical Islam, any real concern for the families of those impacted by yet another example of Muslim extremism, or the safety of America. The over-riding response for liberals is always to deflect criticism of their long-running capitulation to Sharia, and then quickly change the subject.

With the Paris attack, we were forced to listen as our own American buffoon, John Kerry, told the people of France – speaking French bien entendu – that he could understand the Charlie Hebdo massacre, but was mystified at what the reason could be for the Paris attack. Meanwhile, President Obama responded by telling France that global warming was a greater threat than terrorism, and he was going to teach ISIS a lesson by still attending the great climate change circus in Paris the following week.

As it becomes ever more clear to most Americans that we can only defeat radical Islamists by annihilating them militarily, liberal politicians and their media supporters remain resolute in their belief that we should capitulate. As they consistently take the side of everything foreign to America’s traditional values, it becomes obvious that they feel not one ounce of patriotism, and are intent on converting our nation into a third world country.

What other reason could there possibly be for wanting to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens? Why else would we be accepting Muslims whose fidelity to Sharia law places them against the values that Americans hold dear? Why else would we allow tens of millions of illegal aliens to violate our immigration laws?

What is the justification for downsizing and downgrading our military in the face of worldwide chaos? And, does anyone actually believe that American society is improved by restricting free speech through political correctness, destroying the traditional family unit, waging an all out war on Christianity, legalizing marijuana, and releasing thousands of convicted drug dealers from prison?

At the same time, lets don’t forget the liberal creed: Never let a good crisis go to waste. In the aftermath of Paris and San Bernardino, President Obama is at a global climate change conference. Lord only knows what part of America he is giving away while everyone else’s attention is diverted. The United Nations is lusting after a tax on America’s carbon dioxide emissions, and Obama is feverish to give it to them.

Another coincidental ‘good crisis’ response: Our bootlicking Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, announced in the midst of San Bernardino that women will be placed in all special forces divisions of the military. But, not to worry! Standards will not be reduced! Carter says there will be “no lowering of the standards between genders”.

Well there’s another liberal lie if there ever was one. Not one person in America believes that whopper, least of all the highly trained warriors who will be depending on their buddies to cover their backs. The military already reduced standards in order to induct three women into the Army Rangers. Of course they will continue reducing standards. At least until politically correct numbers are achieved, and Special Forces are no longer a bastion of male privilege.

Let us agree that it is too late to go back to ‘women and children first’. The current political wisdom says that men and women are completely interchangeable, and whatever differences we see are all due to past cultural prejudices. To accommodate this absurd proposition, our radical left administration is going to force the issue by watering down America’s most effective fighting forces. Never mind the consequences. Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!

Since women now have the full right to get killed alongside men in combat, it only makes sense to allow them to do all the jobs that don’t require the extreme physicality of Special Forces. No doubt, in many combat roles women can do as well as men, but until I see the first woman playing in the NFL or NBA, I will not believe that they have the physical strength and dexterity to be in our Special Forces.

President Obama has no intention of changing direction, and the worthless Republican Congress has no intention of forcing him to change. So I guess America will have to survive crisis to crisis for the next thirteen months, while liberals blather on about the religion of peace, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch responds to terrorist attacks by threatening to prosecute anyone whose rhetoric is too critical of Muslims.

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