Afraid and Scared? – Nonsense!

A popular talking point from liberals these days, is that those who oppose unlimited immigration are just frightened little Americans who are cowering behind their guns and the flag. It is the classic liberal display of moral superiority, and political condescension towards the bourgeois masses.

The claim that conservative opponents of political correctness are afraid, scared, and fearful is the only argument liberals can muster for the shocking support Donald Trump is receiving. In their worst nightmare, the mainstream media and establishment politicians could never imagine they are in the minority simply because they are wrong.

By the same token, they are unable to admit that the real emotion driving the people is anger: Anger over the mendacity of politicians. Anger with a corrupted government. Anger with an arrogant and tyrannical bureaucracy. Anger with an anti-America media and educational system. Anger with the collusion between big corporations and government. Anger with a judiciary that is facilitating the war on Christianity and all other traditional Americans values. And especially angry that our grandchildren are destined to live in a less free and less safe America.

I don’t know a single person who is afraid, scared, or fearful, for their own personal safety. The only fear they have is for the future of their country. Even then, it is fear that would be defined as ‘gravely concerned’. Why liberals don’t share this concern is a mystery. It is hard to believe they purposely wish to bring harm to America, but it is even harder to believe that they cannot see the damage they are doing.

The mind of a liberal is a true enigma. Ostensibly intelligent people, they worship the theology of political correctness as if it was divinely inspired. What happened to their powers of reasoning and sense of right and wrong, may never be revealed to us lesser citizens. However, there is one thing we do know. They can never be convinced. They can only be overcome.

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