Left-wing Answers

Poor Ted Cruz. What a frustrating life it must be trying to get direct answers from Biden’s list of nominees for public office. Liberals learned long ago to evade direct answers to questions. With that approach they are never forced on the defensive, and can always argue that someone has simply misinterpreted the reply or put their own meaning on what was actually said.

From my own experience with liberal friends, I have tried and failed many times to get direct responses on critical issues like immigration. A recent conversation went like this;

“Do you believe the borders should just be open?”

“WelI, I definitely don’t believe in putting people in cages like Trump did!”

“Alright, but do you think citizens of other countries should be allowed to just walk into America?”

“You can’t blame people for trying for a better life for themselves and their children!”

“So, you feel it’s ok to come here illegally if you are seeking a better life?”

“I didn’t say that. As usual, you’re trying to put words in my mouth.”

“OK, do you believe people who came here illegally should be granted citizenship.”

“I suppose you and your friends would take those children and just throw them back across your razor wire fence?”

“Look, I’m just trying to get an answer to a simple question. Do you feel the twenty or thirty million people who broke our laws by coming here illegally should be rewarded with citizenship?”

“You see what I mean? You people have to throw out trigger words like ‘rewarded’. You want a simple answer? Here it is! I believe all people should be treated like human beings, regardless of their race, color, or gender!”

Now, my friend is something of a true liberal as opposed to the left-wing radicals Cruz must question. She maintains that in addition to having no compassion, conservatives are always looking for simple answers to complex questions, which is why liberals avoid direct answers. Fortunately – unlike the Senator and Biden nominees – we were both able to laugh and move on to lighter subjects, while remaining friends to argue another day.

Yesterday, a Senate confirmation hearing provided a perfect example of what it is like to question a radical leftist. Kristen Clarke, Biden’s nominee for Assistant Attorney General, was questioned by Senator Ted Cruz about an article she had written entitled ‘Defund the Police’. Though she mentioned multiple times in the article that money should be taken from police and used for mental health aid, social workers, and school programs, she refused to acknowledge that she believed in defunding police departments.

The Senator’s frustration continued to grow as she blatantly avoided responding to the article by launching into the myriad problems she saw in police departments around America. Senator Cruz repeatedly tried to get her to respond directly to his question, but the Democrat chairman chastised him for talking over her responses.

Miss Clarke escaped the hearing without ever having to admit that she believed in what she had written. Now she will join the fresh cabal of left-wing attorneys in the Justice Department who decide what and whom to prosecute under federal law. Look for continuous harassment of conservatives, Christians, police, gun owners, and white America in general. At the same time, forget any investigations of Hunter Biden, the Clintons, the Russia Hoax, election irregularities, Epsteins’ convenient suicide, or anything else that could possibly be associated with Democrat scandals.

The same shadow government forces that undermined Trump for four years are now receiving massive reinforcements. Americans will be even more autocratically ruled by unelected bureaucrats. The ‘swamp’ that Trump had tried so hard to drain is expanding and strengthening, and may even become a state that controls the other fifty. Those who imagine these problems will be solved by recapturing the House of Representatives are merely whistling past the graveyard.

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