George W. Revealed

George W. Bush finally confessed. He did not vote for Donald Trump, but instead wrote in Condoleezza Rice, effectively giving his vote to Joe Biden. In 2016 he gave his vote to Hillary Clinton by not casting a vote for president. Way to support your party Mr. President! Those of us who held our noses and voted for you twice, are really proud of you for being such a man of integrity. Yes sir, you weren’t voting for an evil man like Trump just to keep corrupt, life-long politicos like Clinton and Biden from becoming president.

Condoleezza Rice is certainly a person worthy of respect. She is highly intelligent and a woman of principle. She is however a true moderate, and not the one to go to war with a Washington establishment that is actively picking apart America and our Constitution. If one can believe he actually voted for Rice, it was a symbolic gesture in defense of his own presidency, and a very strange departure for Bush.

During his entire presidency he frustrated his supporters by refusing to defend himself or his actions. He took criticism like a medieval postulant asking for more whippings, and left his supporters wondering just what he actually believed in. Ostensibly he was following the Christian mandate of returning love for hate, but the doubts about his true political beliefs were always there.

Donald Trump’s abrasive and even abusive attacks on political opponents, has a way of bringing out the worst in those he criticizes. Trump’s style and maddening effectiveness as president was obviously festering in Bush for four years, and finally burst out when Trump failed to gain a second term. Not only did he not vote for him, but for good measure he slammed Trump’s Republican Party as being “isolationist, protectionist, and to a certain extent, nativist.”

I’m not ready yet to call him a full-fledged RINO, but the evidence is beginning to stack up. He is surely no conservative, but then I suppose he never really claimed to be, though he tried like all the Bushes to give that impression while campaigning for votes.

As long as we’re doing true confessions, I have one for President Bush. I didn’t vote for your father for a second term! I voted for Ross Perot. Yes, I was young and naïve, and really believed that a politician who said “Read my lips! No new Taxes!” actually meant it. Now having lived through two Bush presidents, and one Bush Governor, I usually end up voting for them as the lesser of poor choices, but at least I’m no longer being fooled.

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