Another Victim of Racism

So, Congresswoman Maxine Waters is at it again. Or should I just say ‘still at it.’ For all the shrill cries of racism that are randomly thrown around America, no one deserves the charge more clearly than Miss Waters.

It is hard to tell whether she actually thinks about what she is saying or whether her bombastic rhetoric emanates from a pure hatred within that simply cannot be understood by the average person. Her public call for “confrontation” in Minneapolis over a police shooting of a black person, is nothing new for her. Confrontation is her political club, and she wields it with merciless rancor against those she perceives as the enemy.

President Trump held a special place of enmity in her frenzied mind. In 2018 she even called for the harassment of Trump administration officials. “…if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back at them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

While she is far from the brightest of congresswomen, she fully understands the political power of her race. In todays woke world white people are petrified of being called racist, and no one throws out the charge more freely than Maxine Waters. She is particularly fond of stoking inner-city riots with screams of racism! There is no protest so peaceful or so small that she can’t throw on a little gasoline and really crank up the heat. With her incendiary words and actions, is it any wonder that some people believe she actually wants a civil war between blacks and whites?

Her calls for confrontation in Minneapolis were unambiguously meant to intimidate the entire court system, and influence the outcome of the trial. The judge himself has said that her actions may give cause for a guilty verdict to be thrown out on appeal. Clearly, he was also so intimidated that he wouldn’t take the action himself.

Not to be outdone, Biden chirped in with his own bit of intimidation. He is “praying for the right verdict”, because “the evidence is overwhelming.” To those of us who grew up under the old ‘innocent until proven guilty’ legal standard, the entire chaotic scene is little more than a legal farce. Chauvin has zero chance of getting a fair trial, and even less chance of being found innocent.

Officer Chauvin then, is the necessary sacrifice to prevent Minneapolis and other cities from being destroyed by rampaging mobs. But not to worry Officer, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is going to file charges against Waters, and try to have her removed from the House, or at least from her position as Chair of the House Financial Services Committee

Now we get to witness another farce – if it even gets reported on – as McCarthy puts on a little show of his own. Like Chauvin, he has zero chance of success.

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