Get What You Vote For?

Disappointment usually comes quick and hard when we send people to Washington to represent us. Supporting any candidate is a crap shoot in which the odds of getting what you think you voted for are about a thousand to one. I rarely agree with President Obama on anything, but he had it right when he mesmerized gullible voters with the word hope.

I have listened to too many campaign promises, and watched too much posturing by candidates to be moved by anything but hope. Unless one is blinded by welfare benefits, racial solidarity, or some other connecting tissue, actually having trust in a politician’s words just reveals a person glowing with naivete.

On the other hand, having faith in a politician is even sadder. Those who maintain faith are the citizen zombies of our age. Despite everything their eyes and ears reveal about a favorite politician, they must shut down their brains and live in denial. Some politicians – like our President – understand how fervently they are worshipped, and use their hypnotic message to offer constant encouragement to the faithful.

Carlos Curbelo is a man I supported for Congress. Though I knew nothing about him, he claimed to be a conservative, and his incumbent opponent was a consistent supporter of President Obama. Against all odds Curbelo prevailed, and we sent him off to Washington with the hope that he would buck the establishment, and help get the nation back on the right course.

In his first true test, he failed mightily. With a chance to show that the laws of America must be respected with the Homeland Security funding bill, he elected to vote with the lawbreakers. Tens of millions of people that entered our country illegally will now be legalized, and President Obama is rewarded again for bypassing Congress, and ignoring the Constitution.

Illegal immigration and gay marriage are fundamentally transforming America. Tens of millions of newly legalized, uneducated welfare recipients, will soon turn into hundreds of millions as our American republic heads towards dissolution. Concurrently, gay marriage ushers in the end of freedom of religion. According to a handful of arrogant judges and the radical left-wingers now in control of our country, religious theology protected by the First Amendment, must now be subjugated to local rulings by this tyrannical minority.

If my Congressman cannot stand up and be counted on these two issues, then any hope I had for a real leader is already dashed. No-brainer votes on issues like the Keystone Pipeline, are not going to turn the country from the direction we are going. I know he is a rookie who is trying to fit in with the Washington establishment, but I don’t want another report at election time, about how he helped save the staghorn coral at Tortugas National Park.

My Senator, Marco Rubio, has turned into a monument of inconsistency. A man who has publicly sworn at least three times to uphold the laws of our land and the Constitution, has been all over the place on immigration. Apparently motivated more by a common Hispanic language and political ambition than respect for the law, he is both for and against a legal path to citizenship for those who entered our country illegally.

Senator Rubio once proposed an amnesty bill, and then backed off after his presidential polling numbers took a huge hit from conservatives. Currently, Rubio has been consistent only in his inconsistency. He has spoken against funding Obama’s illegal amnesty order, and then said the funding bill had to be passed. He says the border must be secured, then lectures about compassion.

I think he voted against HR 240, which conflicts with his rhetoric, but then again he might have voted for it. My minimal research as an ordinary citizen, revealed about a dozen separate votes on the issue, some of which he voted for and some against. I supported Rubio when no one gave him a chance of winning a Senate seat, and now all I want to know is where he stands.

Presidential ambition it seems, is the ultimate test for personal integrity. Few politicians are willing to take a firm stand on the issues, and then let the votes fall where they may. Ronald Reagan expressed his conservative views firmly and convincingly, and then stuck by them to become one of the most revered presidents ever. Barack Obama, for all his lying, has never backed away from his pledge to ‘fundamentally transform America’. Senator Rubio could learn a lot from these two about how to become President by sticking with what you actually believe.

No one expected dynamic conservative leadership out of McConnell and Boehner, but neither did we expect our new representatives to fall in line with the Washington establishment so quickly. So now we are left to hope once again that someone emerges from the confusing field of Republican presidential hopefuls, to offer America something besides another pale candidate like Dole, McCain, or Romney.

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