Rotten Apple

I have an Apple phone. My wife also has an I-phone. We both have Macbook laptops. My business has two large screen desk top Apple computers. They are electronic marvels, and function excellently for the services we want. Our whole lives, from family photos to business records are stored in these devices. From both a practical and business standpoint, it makes no sense to abandon them and switch to some other system.

Yet, I wish I had never started with Apple. As a conservative who is very concerned with the direction America is heading, Apple is now synonymous with all the other left-wing radical tech companies like Amazon, Google, and Twitter. It is bad enough when they hold their leftist anti-America views internally, but then they pass them on to me unasked for, with obnoxious platforms like Apple News.

Yesterday after a familiar beep, the Apple logo popped up. As a rule, I ignore when Apple News is the sender, but a quick look revealed a perfectly typical left-wing jab at America. Referring to the murders of six Asians in Atlanta the headline read “Confronting America’s Long History of Anti-Asian Violence.”

As the woke crowd would say, I was immediately ‘triggered.’ Every word in the headline bespeaks contempt for America and promotes the left-wing propaganda that charges white Americans of today with responsibility for all past sins of our country. An attempt to read the rest of the article was thwarted by the discovery that a subscription to Apple News must first be paid. Anyway, it is easy to guess that both the content and direction of the article would feature more liberal trashing of America’s racist past, with a heavy dose of virtue signaling by our enlightened saints at Apple.

It is a waste of time to even point out that the criminal deed of an obviously disturbed person has nothing whatsoever to do with America as a nation, nor face the inconvenient fact that two white people were also killed. Liberals know this, but their own sense of self worth is so low that they must constantly prop up their own shortcomings through virtue signaling. Bashing America – meaning conservatives since the left has already condemned the entire founding of our country – has become the fallback position for liberals too frightened to face their own demons and openly debate an actual issue.

Apple and the other tech companies have clearly taken over the dominant media position once held by America’s major newspapers, except with the additional power of being physically able to censor anyone who doesn’t agree with their proscribed political views. The specious argument that they can censor freely because they are private companies is simply another absurdity.

It is common knowledge that Amazon and Google provide services for the federal government including – according to many including Edward Snowden – highly classified work. That would certainly be enough to make anyone else subservient to all federal laws and rules, including the Constitution. However, in the real world of American politics, power and money will always have their way, and social media has plenty of both, so they blatantly violate first amendment freedoms with nary a word from recipient Democrats.

From the viewpoint of a working-class citizen, it appears all is lost for our Constitutional Republic. As authoritarian as this regime seems right now, it will only get worse over the next four years. It seems all we can do as powerless citizens is try to make our voices heard – as long as it’s not about a stolen election or other social media taboo subjects – and pray for a massive electoral repudiation of the destructive direction America is heading that is too overwhelming to deny.

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